Any Chance of Telegram support?

Hi guys, this is my first time starting a topic but I’ve been lurking with too many questions for too long.

I stumbled on the librem 5 at work a few weeks ago and I’ve been obsessed with it since. It’s unbelievable what the company, community and forum mods are doing to make this happen. I’ve got alot of respect for those of you in this from day one.

However I absolutely depend on telegram, I use it for a political group im apart of and the whole organisation almost exclusively uses telegram.

Does anyone know about Telegram support? Has anyone with a Aspen tried using Telegram Desktop on the Librem 5? Can you get notifications?

Any replies would be appreciated.

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I haven’t looked into many details, but there are two potential issues.

The first is whether there is a readily available ARM build for Linux. I see they have a Linux desktop client available, but it is probably built for the x64 architecture, not ARM. However, since it seems their client source code is open source, in principle anyone could build the ARM version, and thus this problem is solved.

The second issue is of UI. If one built the ARM version as described above, it would “work” just as well as the regular Linux desktop client, but it might not have the required elements to adapt properly to a mobile form factor on Linux, so using it might be a pain. I don’t care to look through their code at the moment to see whether it has what is needed to adapt to the mobile display on Linux.


Thanks alot @taylor-williamc I really do hope this can be done. Most other apps I can live without or keep my old phone laying about for. (Online Banking could just be used on my old phone for example)

However telegram is crucial to my daily activities.

Thanks again :+1:t2::+1:t2:.

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Because I’m experimenting with UBports (OS previously known as Ubuntu Touch) on an old Nexus 5, I see Telegram replacements called TELEports (BETA), Telegram (UNOFFICIAL), and a few others.

I believe the PureOS is similar enough to the Ubuntu Linux that it shouldn’t be a big jump, but I’m not a developer, so there’s that…

Yes you can already receive and send Telegram text messages with the standard Librem chat app called “Chatty” as I described here:

It is not the original Telegram app and sending pictures is not possible until now but as soon as the phone is out and all the programmers receive there devices there will be a lot of improvements!

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This is really good news, I have security concerns about running it through another app however as more people get their devices I’m sure any bugs will be found.

That’s the beauty of free software right?

Thanks alot for this though, I think I should start saving for a Librem!!

I’ll probably buy one once they’ve been properly released though (I.E Evergreen)

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