Battery Replacement for Librem 15 V4

Hello, i found that my librem 15 v4 battery is bubbled so i took it off from the laptop slot, i tried to turn it on without battery attached to the laptop using direct dc charger plugged in into the laptop, when i click laptop power button, the laptop not responding at all like because it has no power source.

So i think that this laptop can’t active without battery attached to it. Can you help me ? Or tell me how i can buy new battery for my librem 15 v4 ?

Contact Purism support ( to buy a new battery.

According to this Reddit thread you should be able to run the Librem 15 without the battery. Your laptop may have other problems, so it is worth talking to support.

Thanks, i did it and their response was blazing fast, now i can use it, but they still looking for battery replacement.

Sounds like useful but missing information that could be shared here in case it helps someone else?