Battery? - what battery?

I haven’t got that far yet of taking and sending images. But do you really need a very screen shot of my desktop. OK. When I figure out how to make flash work. Maybe it just needs a lot of light.
Now, I just need to have enough power to last at least a hour.

Fine. it! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

For what it’s worth;
@dos @irvinewade @dcz @Quarnero


L5 was plugged into a wall outlet.
then it was shut down
(Shutting Off: Press power button.)

Not Charging the battery - charger not plugged in.
7:42 PM 96%
9:46 PM 83%
2:12 AM 53%
2:48 AM 49%
9:40 AM 2%

All Kill switches were in Off position.
Phone was only used to view the %'s.
Started re-charge at 9:45 AM today.
(All times in PST
Uh OH! It’s possible that upgrades/updates may have happened but I didn’t do it!
I saw there were updates when I had 10 - 20 seconds of view time before it would shut down. That issue seems to have corrected - when plugged into and charging.
Let’s see what charging and drain does today. Meanwhile, I’ll try and get @Quarnero and @dos they want done and sent.

I reached out to last night.
My Time Zone PST/GMT -08:00

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I’m not sure how much battery life you are expecting from the L5, that seems pretty normal, you went more than 12 hours on a single charge. If there are updates you should run them, they are always working on security and performance enhancements. This isn’t a Samsung or an Apple phone with billion dollar companies behind their development. The software is still very much a work in progress.


I was told here not to run the updates yet ,but that may have happened without my doing it… Ask 10 artists to paint your portrait and you’ll get 10 different portraits. :wink:

As long as you are in charge over your phone just go ahead: Talking about Librem 5 in French language. sudo systemctl reboot would be another optional command (sometimes needed).

P.S. I consider upgrade of software as mandatory action and not something that should be avoided, in short.

I guess there is a misunderstanding about upgrading the OS (and Apps) and upgrading firmware.
Upgrading the OS is recommended, upgrading firmware is only needed when advised by support or if you feel save to do so and understand what the implications might be and how to solve them.


The updates that I was talking about are firmware updates for the ancillary devices (like the WiFi card, modem card, USB-C PD, …)

Updates to the vanilla Linux software (operating system and applications) should generally be applied when available.

Indeed. That’s one of the benefits of going through Purism support. One artist. One portrait.

Anyway, I hope at least one of the 10 portraits turned out.

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Unless the phone is locked up, shutting down should generally be done by using the menu that you get from the top line of the screen.

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Sure but I have trouble loading the PureOS Store - eventually it loads, but if I click on “Work” category, it opens but all lists are blank. Same with “Learn”. BTW, the [<] button doesn’t work anywhere. I close the screen by swiping it up, then up again, then again, then it closes - maybe - I don’t know. Unable to find reference to Turning phone on, or close application(?), or Shutdown. I just use the power button - a lot.

Sorry it’s taking so long. But sudo apt get required a “password” and it didn’t like the default it came with. I can login through crypt and login with ‘default’ 123456, (use same in both - for now). The ""[sudo] password for purism: [] refuses to accept any input. Just looks kewl blinking. Then after a few seconds, it hangs A reboot is necessary. I’ve tried this 4 times now - there is so much wrong.

Perhaps, if I send a USB/thumb/drive/stick/memory to Puri, they can load the USB thing with a screen and video capture, and send it back? Is going to a lot fast than working with a poltergeist.

If I can’t use the phone as a stand-alone, is there a way I can hook it up to a PureOS desktop and make changes from there? Do I have a expensive paperweight?

You can ssh in from just about any computer but you would first have to enable the SSH server on the Librem 5, and your Librem 5 would have to be on your local network (e.g. WiFi configured and working - is it?)

Or you can try connecting the Librem 5 via USB cable to a desktop/laptop and that should get you networking over USB (but either the desktop/laptop needs to have a USB-C port or, you need a USB cable with USB-A at one end and USB-C at the other end, or you need a USB-C to USB-A adapter - obviously the first choice is easiest since in that case the needed cable came with the phone).

You will be able to install software while you have ssh‌ed in.

Hmmm. @dos I’m thinking Purism should load the screen capture tool by default. It might be more useful than Chess for new users.

Press and hold wake/sleep button (button at the top of the right hand side of phone) until green LED comes on.

The password is not echoed on the screen for security reasons (but is still accepted)?

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I need a lot to do to get network to comply. Learn in’s and out’s of “ssh”. Then buy the cables, and then I’ll be able to take a screen cap/video to send to you guys so we can get this thing fixed?

Thanks for your help tho. I’m not prepared mentally, physically, nor able time-wise to rebuild a phone at this time and am not refusing help, nor refusing to cooperate. I am, and have been , and spent the entire day trying to get that file so I can can screen cap and send DOS a pic of stuff as requested.

Point is, why do something the hardest way when the device should should act like it can do something. and something does not include driving users crazy.

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Take any other phone and make a video. That will be enough.

Please start here: Beginner’s first steps, on how to use grim package. Simplest one would be (the one that I’m fine with):
sudo apt install grim

Open New Window from Terminal upper right corner and type:
sleep 7; grim

Now you have 7 seconds to flip to the screen that you need to save for you record. Above command puts screenshot directly into /home/purism directory, therefore you would want to use: sleep 7; grim $(xdg-user-dir PICTURES)/$(date +'%Y%m%d_%H%M%S_grim.png').

In my point of view @Sharon is the one that will master Librem 5 up to her pure satisfaction.

Some seem to be of the mind that everyone was raised handcuffed to a cell.This was going to be a gift. The giftee chuckled when I suggested it was for him. So it’s mine. I won’t repeat what he said about the -phone-.

The list keeps building and the issues go on. I should not have to use another cell phone to take pictures of a cell phone screen so I can fix so it can take pictures. WTH!

BTW - do you know how to turn the device off? Really OFF?

That looks completely reasonable. Maybe a bit short (I’d expect a few hours more with all kill switches off), but it depends on what may be running in the background anyway.

You select “Power Off” from the power menu, accessible after swiping the top bar down while unlocked. If you just short-press the power button, you only turn the screen off and lock the phone.

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Maybe relevant:

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That point only matters for long-term storage though. That “small amount of power” will discharge the battery in a matter of weeks, not hours.


Charge on my Purism 5 goes down to 0 in 1 hour. Turned off everything not needed and it still uses power too fast. Have to keep the phone turned off and carry a charger everywhere I carry the Purism 5.

Something is definitely wrong with your phone. Maybe a virus? You should try to reinstall the PureOS. Mine can stay with the modem on for about 10 hours.