Battery? - what battery?

I’d love to show you. It will have to be in 2 posts, this and one more.
I will upload a pic as taken at the same time this one from a old Flip Phone that just texts, phones and pics.

The next after this will be from the device - taken by the device across from person w/ flip phone.

From Flp Phone

From Cell. First, I need to logoff from this Windows box. BRB hopefully can add the pic.

I’m back. This this thing decided to go from vertical to horizontal without being touched, then a minute later it opened text editor

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I can’t login from device right now because the long and cumbersome password I used to sign up is pretty _____ hard, especially when I can’t see it the tap was right, or made 2-3 copies of the one key-press - which is too often. I tried.

An area of keyboard is so sensitive, I just need to hold my finger over it and it loads up what ever it wants. When tapping, very carefully and gently, I sometimes get machine gun spittle 2 or more of the same character. Oh what a world, what a world. Tomorrow. It’ll keep me off the streets and out of the pool halls :slight_smile:

“Draft” version of millipxels 0.21.0 is available since three weeks from here: Camera (Dev Preview) app crashing (already includes quite precise autofocus adjustments): apt list millipixels, download and unpack file, cd to that particular Download folder and sudo dpkg --install smaller .deb file.

Automatic adjustment is held up by bugs at the moment.

With most software you can spend any amount of time to pursue the unreachable ideal, so it depends on what you’re asking.

As for not snapping a photo, do you not get a picture file? Do you see a spinning animation? Do you have logs?


Sorry Sharon, for my churlish answer. It was a rational one. And i think about put your battery off if your phone is off. In Mind that your offline Phone will not need more Power, as a battery discharge by storing at atmosphere, like store a full battery in a drawer without placement in a device. Physically they still degenerate somehow.

Hope you and we, cant update our librem5 open source device to save some more energy to be lost.

@dcz @irvinewade @amarok

Was finally able to get the second pic off the L5 and uploaded.
The image as taken not with “flashlight” but with “Torch” There being no flashlight I can find.

First, with old flip phone.

Now, the L5 with yellow “Torch”.


Am I being too finicky?


Funky but probably not what you want.

What does a photo from the Librem 5 look like with the “torch” off?

Like the light at the end of the tunnel, without the light = black.

Are you adjusting any of the settings in the camera app? (Typically you need to.) “Black” suggests that the brightness in the camera app is set right down.

Are the photos that come out matching what you see on the preview screen i.e. in the camera app before you take the shot? In other words, is it what-you-see-is-what-you-get?

Didn’t make any changes - thought default would be right. The settings via camera are:
I will look around and see what the default should be.
BTW - The ‘bad trip’ colours were taken with the torch On.

Present settings are:
Gain 32
Exposure 990
Balance D50
Focus 250

There is another discussion/suggestion with @Quarnero, @dcz @ and @kms about ‘millipixels’ software (above). I’ll wait a couple years until it’s out of Beta testing. I hoped the “Camera” (what ever it’s name is) was done testing. Didn’t say that in sales ads!!!

Too, the battery - STILL what Battery. From 100% to 16% in under 1 and 1/2 hours.

Found settings for camera. Takes a good number of taps in the micro-menu to wake it heck up!
Takes 13 seconds to spin. Then nothing. No idea what it did until checking the folder. That’l sell a lot of devices I’ll call it a phone when it works, or I need a long extension cord so I can take that picture mentioned, outside. Piece of

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For your first photo, you might be better off outside in brighter light.

Thanks @dcz, yes I do understand the challenge of the unreachable ideal with camera settings. In terms of snapping a photo, yeah, the one time I tried it last weekend, I didn’t get a picture file. I haven’t really tried using the camera beyond that, so let me test it some more. Where can I find the logs for camera activity?

ETA on when the device camera will work?

BTW - I am NOT trying the reach any unreachable settings Irvine. I would just like to see a decent image from indoors. I tried outdoors, but it’s been cloudy and dull for weeks here and as a outdoor camera, nope. If the light for it is yellow, then it’s not working.

BTW, my first picture was indoors. I hope I didn’t burn out something and your suggestion is to set the camera with a outdoor pic.not if I already sent pics from it.

A stalker device is looking pretty good - privacy in exchange for what my friends have gone without - headaches.

Just run millipixels from the terminal and show us that.

Same answer as before, answering what is “work” would be helpful. For some people it “worked” last year: For some it might work in maybe a month when we iron out some issues blocking automated settings.

One thing for sure: you won’t take a “working” photo indoors without changing any settings today.

I think what @Sharon is meaning is when will the Librem5 function at the level it was advertised.

Realistically this is infeasible to answer in the forum as it would require a crystal ball as well as acknowledging that the marketing was (still is?) done in a way that set consumer expectations much higher than was practical to achieve by the original launch date.

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I still haven’t been told if the “Camera (Dev)” is millipixels or not. I hope it is. Here then is a pic taken with device a hour ago. Had to move pic from device to PureOS on a desktop, to Windoze box so I can reply. Using the device took a lot longer due to some buttons offside and unreachable even in landscape. No, it doesn’t swipe left or right, some do, some don’t on this page anyway.

At the top of the image is my Win desktop bottom of monitor screen.

Have you tried adjusting the sliders? Or do you not see them?

A ““working”” photo is something people can look at and recognize what it is. I don’t care what L5 claims is a working camera. Mayhbe, just not this one.
Settings for “Camera (Dev” or millipixels if they are not the same, and set them to what?
I gather the settings must be set before taking the pic. A trial and error scientific approach I read. And, only outdoors and on good sunny days, no snow, while whatever it is we’re taking a picture of doesn’t move. “Hold that pose you two - while I set this up to take the pic of the Groom kissing the bride.” Awww she looks so good in her YELLOW gown! It’s really white. It’s not working. No ads or sponsors can force people to believe that it is working. If it worked, we wouldn’t have the issues, a lot of other have complained about.

Can you please answer this question:

Everyone keeps telling you that you need to adjust the brightness etc. before taking the photo as the default will definitely be too dark indoors and you keep ignoring that. Are you doing it or not?

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