Best way to kill zombified settings (or anything else)

Soooo, my settings in L5 have frozen a few times. Zombified. Will not close. Swipe up… only to see it inevitably fall down again. So far, as the name of the process/app is difficult to find (partly due to using small touch keyboard in a hurry), I haven’t found a convenient way to kill zombies. Not a big deal, just a quick question.

The Usage app is pretty useless to identify processes (and killing root stuff - forget it… and for some reason there is no graph for network usage and thermal can’t be seen with the other usage indicators… but I degress). Commandline is it, isn’t it…? Has anyone figured any shortcuts to do this (seek and destroy) efficiently on the small screen?

You might try GNOME System Monitor to see running processes and terminate them.

By “zombified,” are you talking specifically about minimized apps that won’t close/swipe away?

Yes, those are zombies to me. I tried System Monitor and it has better listing but it’s not L5 friendly - no context menu and does not fit to screen. It does have “End prosess” button but without the menu, no “Kill” and I’m not sure end will be sufficient - didn’t get a chance to try yet. It would be nice if Gnome System Monitor and Usage could be made into one usable app instead of what they are now.

From terminal with psmisc package installed; killall gnome-control-center

psmisc was installed in my system already

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It’s funny how difficult things seem, when you can’t use the method that’s basically musclememory. Have to consider making that a desktop shortcut.

It doesn’t fit well initially, but you can make it adapt: