Blog Post: Librem 14 Progress – Hardware Development

About a month ago we approved the schematics for our Librem 14 main board, which is a fully custom Purism design. After that the schematics, which describe which electronic components are connected to which and how, needs to be turned in to a PCB design. This is a complicated and time-consuming process. We are happy to announce that this has been completed and first PCBs are being made and assembled as we speak . This is a great step forward since it will also allow us to to get started with something we have not talked about that much yet…

Read the full post to find out about new Librem 14 progress including EC development and notification LEDs:


looks like it’s gonna’ be a special Christmas :slight_smile: congratulations are in order for the firmware progress ! if only i could tweak the fan curve in the Librem Mini …

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Great news indeed. Do you have an estimate on the timelines when the new laptops would be in users hands?

We are still shooting for early Q4.


I have an RGB LED, as a standalone device, and the ability to mix the three colors cleanly is a bit limited - so I don’t get very good color production. In other words, the ability to convey bits of information in the color is limited by the quality of the device rather than the quality of the viewer’s eyesight. Still, it is better than a single color LED that is either on or off (1 bit).

I hope the component that Purism is using is better than the one I have.

Thanks for the article. I’m very happy to read about some of the technical aspects of the Librem 14. I really like the direction you’ve been heading with it. I’m especially happy about the battery and fan control improvements.

Really looking forward to the delivery!

exposing the controls directly to the OS is the BEST part yet (for me anyway) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Kyle_Rankin will rowhammer resistant so-dimms be used on the Librem14?

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Checking again… Can you share any updates on the progress?

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Things are moving along but nothing new to report.

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