Can we get a demonstration of the Librem 5 Birch from Bryan Lunduke?

With regard to this thread started by @BryanLunduke:

Lunduke expressed interest in, among other things:

  • Making a call
  • Demonstrating the kill switches
  • Demonstrating peripherals
  • Testing various carriers

However, even though he’s been very active off-forum since that thread, he hasn’t posted anything about the Librem 5 in a month. Presumably the performance was bad enough on the Aspen batch that it couldn’t be shown. However, Birch is supposed to be good enough to ship to customers, so while we wait for people to receive their phones and hope for homemade demonstration videos, is there any chance we could get these items demonstrated on a Birch Librem 5 by Bryan or another Purism employee?


THIS TIMES 100!!! It’s something we as the backers deserve to see.

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The question is more if Bryan still works for Purism. His latest activity in the forum was on 16.10. His latest activity on Twitter related to Purism was on 28.10.

On Purism’s blog he was only active between June and August 19


You know i never thought of that he might be under an NDA and want nothing to do with the company.

Look left…
Look right…
Maybe he quit because dealing with a sh*tstorm of FUD and libel is most likely not what he signed up for (and could you really blame him?)

Possibly. He is still listed as a team member on the website. I don’t think a lack of activity from him means he is no longer associated with the company.

I think Purism just has a lot of things they are working on for the phone and understands the delicate nature of showing too many things before they’ve had to time to work out the bugs. They are making progress however and so i don’t think there is any reason to sound the alarms.


what is even crazier is that the profile picture is gone he might no longer have a posting account on the website!!!

There are many people missing avatars both on the company website and on Matrix. Once again I’m not sure this is indicative of anything.

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This is just speculation of course (pure speculation :stuck_out_tongue: ) but here is my guess at what happened: Bryan intended to post some videos and things but he did have a deal with Todd (or other Purism boss person) that he would show everything to Purism to get an OK from them before posting. Then when he said “OK now I am about to post this thing here” they said “no no no wait that does not look good for us!” so he waited, and is still waiting, for Purism to say it’s OK to post the things he wants to post.


I hope that’s what it is :slight_smile:

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Lunduke still works for Purism. I know because his website says so.

Bryan Lunduke is currently…

  • Host of The Lunduke Show
  • Director of Marketing at Purism

As for what is going on with his communication, who the heck can even say? I’ve watched his videos for years and let me tell ya: Just because he said he’d make a video about this or that the week before and seemed totally enthusiastic about it, it doesn’t mean he’ll actually do it. There are countless examples of this that I’ve seen over the years.

So in this case, I’d say cool it on the conspiracy theories. This is probably just yet another case of Lunduke being Lunduke.


“because his website says so” … lol … yeah, who knows maybe he doesn’t update it daily :wink:


Why doesn’t anyone consider the case that he is just on long vacation (be it due to the shit-storm around L5 or not)?

Of course, it’s unlikely that director-level manager leaves for more than two weeks, but… Considering that such vacation could now be beneficial for Purism - why not?


Personally, I think he got his phone and the USB didn’t work because it was missing a 10k resistor. Purism is probably shipping him another phone.

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The 10k resistance problem is for Birch batch, Lunduke have a L5 from Aspen batch.
His phone was working when he received it, according to his post on mastodon:


Or you can stop freaking out and wait patiently for a week or two to see the first backers post pictures and videos of their Librem 5 Birch version…


ok no double posting any more

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Please, don’t duplicate your post :roll_eyes:


What’s that I hear…is it…nuh. Sorry.

I am of the opinion that a week or two will reveal a lot. If there are issues as speculated on here Pure won’t be able to hide for much longer. I am sure they are acutely aware of the unrest from what is a minority by my reckoning. If some of this stuff, such as a vid of the L5 making a phone call for example, doesn’t get resolved Pure will be well aware of the power of social media to create a contagion that will be very bad for them.

I am sure they are feeling the pressure and I hope they have things in hand. I’m as invested as most here so follow with interest.


Waiting for more phone demo, we have some devkit demo: