Can't make or receive calls

Do you have MMS working.

Yes, but it took awhile. Setting had to be the same in mobile and Chatty.

Make sure register your phone with them.

Could you please elaborate? I’ve activated my sim card (best I can tell), are there further steps necessary to register my phone with mint?

Can anyone comment on the accuracy of these APN settings for mint?

I can’t seem to find a combination of settings that results in a “network status” (as seen in “modem details”) other than “Not Registered”.

Mine (on android) is:

MMS: 310
MNC: 240
APN Type: default,supl,ia,mms,xcap
APN Protocol: IPv6
APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4

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@g4stly, here are some search results: MMS support Telia Sweden?, Works on AirVoice and How will APN settings work?.

As above, within serviceproviders.xml all related APN data are written under: <name>T-Mobile</name>. Yet there, within this .xml file, popups this difference: vs:

                        <apn value="">
                                <plan type="postpaid"/>
                                <usage type="internet"/>
                                <name>T-Mobile LTE</name>

Autocorrect got me, fixed my typo.

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That can’t be true. My L5 is set to fall back to 2G, which it does for voice all the time – because I have not bothered to enable VoLTE. Audio quality and coverage, at least within 80 miles of Mojave California, are fine. As I drive around, I even get indications in the notifications bar of 2.5G, I rarely get another variation of 2G, but I forget what it said.

Except for the recent issue with MMS and Mint on the L5, I think Mint Mobile is pretty damned good.

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@Quarnero Thanks for your help. I’ve been informed I have a separate issue I need to fix before I can configure my APN. I noticed those two different suggestions in the forums too; the and but like I said a separate issue could be blocking one or both of them from working for me, because neither does at the moment.

This was an unwanted autocorrect, just FYI.

Ah, sorry. I didn’t notice you had mentioned that already.

As I mentioned earlier in the thread, I got calls working but I had two problems: battery drain and my sim card stopped working. So, I shelved it for now.

It looks like you are doing what I did. I live in the United States. I registered the Librem 5 with Mint, I use their suggested APN settings. I was having trouble with MMS on Chatty but everything seems to be working now. Sorry, I am not sure what else to say.

Suggested APN Settings Main BestMVNO Verified|APN Name|MINT|
| — | — |
|MMS Proxy||
|MMS Port||
|Authentication Type|PAP|
|APN Type|default,mms|
|APN Protocol|IPv4|
|APN Roaming Protocol|IPv4|
|MVNO Type|None|
|MVNO Type|

VoLTE is required for activation on the network, even if T-mobile still has some 2G to fall back on. Mint is aware that the BM818-A1 is VoLTE-certified on T-mobile’s network, even if you don’t have it turned on. That’s why they’re not making a fuss, probably. Eventually you start to have issues with calling if, and as, 2G starts disappearing.

And that big data breach and stuff…
I prefer Ting, because they allow you to use OTP authentication to secure your account. :slight_smile:

But Mint’s and Ultra’s ad hoc international data roaming prices are slightly better than Ting’s.

(Not many U.S. MVNOs have international roaming or OTP yet, unfortunately.)

Hmm, I suppose that’s possible. If so, I’ll wait until it’s required to be on or Purism updates include it easier than it is now.

Ting was on my list for a while, but I thought that they only used AT&T towers, which really have poor coverage in my area. Also, AT&T is the worst. :grimacing:

Ting uses T-mobile, but they can put you on Verizon towers if T-mobile’s coverage doesn’t work for you. (I don’t think the Verizon-based SIM would work in the L5, though.)

Ah! I must have misremembered that one. Your call and MMS are good on Ting?

I’m actually not using the Ting SIM in the L5. I’ve got an old Truphone (international) SIM (no longer available, no longer rechargeable) with some credit left on it; Truphone never supported MMS in any phone anyway. In the U.S., it roams/has roamed on AT&T and T-mobile both, depending.

Eventually I’ll acquire a different carrier’s SIM for the L5, but I’m not using it as my phone yet anyway.

The screen command is not a valid command in my build, response is SCREEN is not a valid command. Also, is there a space between “ims” and AT$… and at the end are there three periods?

Did you mean SCREEN in upper case? because commands are case-sensitive.

Regardless, I suggest using the provided tool to enable VoLTE rather than hacking around with AT commands: List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]