Coreboot 4.12-based Firmware Released For All Librems

not sure what you mean by this.

Hit ctrl x, i see the blue grub screen with the debian swirl in the corner. Nothing. Comes back, says it can’t read something, and that I have to boot the kernel first. Then back to the grub edit screen.

…quiet splash libata.force=3.0 $vt_handoff…

Can’t you post pictures of what is happening? I’m not an expert on this but I’m confused with what your are saying here, I don’t know why you are seying Debian logo in grub if you are using PureOS.

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I found that the system would sometimes boot correctly, but usually it did not. When I booted from a USB and manually added the encrypted hard drive, it usually worked on the reboot AFTER, but most often it would not boot or provide the password prompt for the hard drive. Sometimes it would say “booting from hard drive” and hang.

I reverted to version 4.11 and it seems to work more reliably. I am relatively inexperienced with Linux, doing most of my changes based on internet solutions found here and elsewhere. Perhaps I made an incorrect series of steps.

Thank you so much for SSD performance upgrade!!!

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Also, i got strange problem with volume control after update. FN+Arrows skips every second click. This commands tell that system see every second click.

evtest /dev/input/event6
xinput test 11

Problem appears in Fedora 32 and Debian live USB too. Downgrade to 4.11 don’t solve problem. Volume buttons on external keyboard works fine.

keyboard/volume control is purely a function of the EC (and coreboot ACPI), but nothing has changed there since the initial port back in 2017

=((((((((((((((((( But how to fix it?

Was able to update my L13v2 with no issues. Works great. Thanks!

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Also, i got strange problem with volume control after update. FN+Arrows skips every second click. This commands tell that system see every second click.

I have the same behavior, though I don’t know if this was the case before the update, as I’ve never used the volume buttons on my Librem 15v4 before the update. I do not see the same behavior for brightness control. Evtest only reports every second button press and so does PureOS.

Input driver version is 1.0.1
Input device ID: bus 0x19 vendor 0x0 product 0x0 version 0x0
Input device name: "Topstar Laptop extra buttons"
Supported events:
  Event type 0 (EV_SYN)
  Event type 1 (EV_KEY)
    Event code 113 (KEY_MUTE)
    Event code 114 (KEY_VOLUMEDOWN)
    Event code 115 (KEY_VOLUMEUP)
    Event code 150 (KEY_WWW)
    Event code 155 (KEY_MAIL)
    Event code 183 (KEY_F13)
    Event code 184 (KEY_F14)
    Event code 224 (KEY_BRIGHTNESSDOWN)
    Event code 225 (KEY_BRIGHTNESSUP)
    Event code 226 (KEY_MEDIA)
    Event code 227 (KEY_SWITCHVIDEOMODE)
    Event code 238 (KEY_WLAN)
    Event code 240 (KEY_UNKNOWN)
  Event type 4 (EV_MSC)
    Event code 4 (MSC_SCAN)
Testing ... (interrupt to exit)
Event: time 1595525402.487586, type 4 (EV_MSC), code 4 (MSC_SCAN), value 83
Event: time 1595525402.487586, type 1 (EV_KEY), code 115 (KEY_VOLUMEUP), value 1
Event: time 1595525402.487586, -------------- SYN_REPORT ------------
Event: time 1595525402.487634, type 1 (EV_KEY), code 115 (KEY_VOLUMEUP), value 0
Event: time 1595525402.487634, -------------- SYN_REPORT ------------
Event: time 1595525403.325514, type 4 (EV_MSC), code 4 (MSC_SCAN), value 84
Event: time 1595525403.325514, type 1 (EV_KEY), code 114 (KEY_VOLUMEDOWN), value 1
Event: time 1595525403.325514, -------------- SYN_REPORT ------------
Event: time 1595525403.325560, type 1 (EV_KEY), code 114 (KEY_VOLUMEDOWN), value 0
Event: time 1595525403.325560, -------------- SYN_REPORT ------------
Event: time 1595525404.961990, type 4 (EV_MSC), code 4 (MSC_SCAN), value 83
Event: time 1595525404.961990, type 1 (EV_KEY), code 115 (KEY_VOLUMEUP), value 1
Event: time 1595525404.961990, -------------- SYN_REPORT ------------
Event: time 1595525404.962039, type 1 (EV_KEY), code 115 (KEY_VOLUMEUP), value 0
Event: time 1595525404.962039, -------------- SYN_REPORT ------------
Event: time 1595525405.680293, type 4 (EV_MSC), code 4 (MSC_SCAN), value 84
Event: time 1595525405.680293, type 1 (EV_KEY), code 114 (KEY_VOLUMEDOWN), value 1
Event: time 1595525405.680293, -------------- SYN_REPORT ------------
Event: time 1595525405.680334, type 1 (EV_KEY), code 114 (KEY_VOLUMEDOWN), value 0
Event: time 1595525405.680334, -------------- SYN_REPORT ------------

The mute key (which in the same list above) does not have the same behavior. It works every time it is pressed.


How do I downgrade to the previous version of Coreboot?

(This 4.12 version messed up the ACPI interface with one of my disks. It loads as expected with Linux, but will no longer work with BSD, which complains about misconfigured ACPI for it. Since this error started immediately after upgrading Coreboot, I want to try downgrading.)

you simply run an older version of the coreboot utility script

can you elaborate on the error, so perhaps we can fix it? I’m not aware of any ACPI changes around any disks.

can you explain what in that log is problematic? I’m not seeing any errors related to your disk drive(s).

Also, is there an easy way for me to reproduce the issue with an OpenBSD USB? I’m not familiar with it at all.

I think it would be best if you provided me with a link to the previous Coreboot installer, so I can report back whether or not downgrading fixes the issue. I can also post a dmesg for that version so we can be sure of what is different.

This dmesg does not show the specific errors mounting sd0 since I disabled it in fstab—otherwise, I would not even be able to boot past the error.

I am not an expert user, so I don’t think I can provide much more helpful information than I already have. But if I can try rolling back to the previous version, that would tell us if Coreboot is actually at fault.

just download and run the script from here:

Thank you. I found that I had the same problem with my SSD drive under 4.11, so at this point I am going to assume that the problem is not with the Coreboot update, but some kind of user error on my part.

well ruling out firmware should make it easier to track down the source of the problem :slight_smile:

Also, downgrade to coreboot 4.11 don’t solve my problem with volume buttons too. But it appear just after update.
Because i use Fedora, i downloaded coreboot image from script and flash it using flashrom utility from Fedora repository. Can it cause problems?

sudo flashrom -p internal:laptop=force_I_want_a_brick,ich_spi_mode=hwseq -w coreboot-librem_15v3-4.12-Purism-2.rom

why would you have to flash manually just because you use Fedora?

only problem will be loss of serial # and default bootorder.

Because i can’t do flash step, but really want Sata speed upgrade.

Injecting bootorder into coreboot image

Do you want to flash the coreboot update now (y/N) ?  y

Checking for usable version of flashrom
which: no build-essential in (/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin)
which: no libpci-dev in (/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin)
which: no libudev-dev in (/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin)
which: no zlib1g-dev in (/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin)
which: no apt in (/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin)

The following dependencies are needed for this script: build-essential libpci-dev libudev-dev zlib1g-dev

Please install all required dependencies are installed and re-run this script