"Count down" for Librem5 delivered to europe listed by ordering time

Hi togehter,
I’ve ordered my librem5 in 2019. It would be nice, if people could post here, when they received their phone in a european country with the information, at what point of time they orderded it.

So waiting for my librem5 will be more interesting, something similar to a “christmas calendar” :-).


  • Country; ordered in June 2017
  • received: December 2020

Could we also comment in this for US users as well? Or could I make another post for US orders?

You might also add the receipt date of the shipping/modem confirmation email to help people gauge the typical interval between notification and actual shipping.


Not a bad idea.

Please do not misunderstand, I’d prefer a separate for europe, because the shipping time is a different one.

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Thanks good idea, therefore please use the preferred structure:

  • country; ordered in June 2017
  • receipt date of the shipping/modem confirmation email
  • received: December 2020

yes, please :-).

Got it, I’ll post mine now lol

And maybe also add the actual shipping date. That will give people a reasonable expectation of transit time to their country or state.

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If we get this information from purism, of course.

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You will.


Ok, so I’ hope for the first shipped Librem5’s to europe and that some people will post it here!

Posting this here will give a mess. This must be added to some web page.

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I disagree. If we do not go off topic, you could clearly see how far your order date from those who are receiving emails is.

Folks will go off topic and everyone has to figure out the dates by themself.

Currently you are the only one going off topic. (Posts above don’t count, since there was no info about emails).


Please, only post complete deliveries of a received Librem5!
I’d would prefer no more other postings here to keep an overview (feel free to create another topic, if you like).
Regards speedy-10


Region: EU
Ordered: August, 27th 2017
Shipping e-mail: December, 2nd 2020
Received: December, 11th 2020

Just received, adjusted time manually, update by GUI, restarted. Good 4G and WIFI signal. Device getting a little bit warm (while charging).

First impression: device looks beautiful, screen is very good.


Thanks for your complete posting!

Could we amend this a bit and encourage also adding info on whose network (service provider and country plus modem, if not default) it was tested (if that info is available - I’d imagine many will test it pretty quick after receiving)? Although it’s secondary to the main topic, any info verifying modems working everywhere, would be good. Any discussions on the matter in other threads, of course.

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