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… and this seems to be blocked and no build can be tested ATM?

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You can fetch the MR and build an image, provide feedback, etc… I didn’t say the situation is great, just wanted to avoid people looking at the wrong place and drawing conclusions.


The situation is absolutely not great …


After Mobian Trixie automatic suspend regressed (after a few suspend-resume cycles, automatic suspend breaks), I switched to Mobian Bookworm and it is working great so far. My phone stayed on after a 10 hour drive with automatic suspend after 5 minutes turned on. Phone calls, SMS, Browsing (needed to install latest firefox-esr-mobile-config 4.3.1), Dino all works well so far.


Where I can find a build for the L5 based on Mobian-bookworm? There is all down now?

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There were 900+ package updates today, so I upgraded most of them, with the rest still missing various dependencies. A few Flatpaks, such as Lollypop and Secrets, no longer successfully initialize their launchers due to various errors, but their associated file types still launch the applications, otherwise Crimson remains functional. One small change I immediately noticed was that the Terminal now uses a solid bar for measuring progress when installing new packages.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of other changes:

  • The alarm icon when toggled to On or Silent has changed.
  • Chats (Chatty) now has a fading line cursor.
  • Removable media now requires mounting in Files (Nautilus).
    • Image file thumbnails are now orange.
  • Calendar (Evolution) is missing due to unmet dependencies.
  • Advanced Networking/Network Connections has a new icon.
  • Mobile Settings does not list lockscreen widgets, although that is likely due to phosh-core not being upgraded due to unmet dependencies.
  • Settings → Appearance has a new Dark theme background, although it does not affect the home screen.


any updates on when it’s arriving to stable branch?

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AFAIK there is also no well-running preview or test release available ATM?

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Same release as before.

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Does/will the building and beta testing of Crimson borrow resources from further hardware and software development, bug fixing and beta testing etcetera for the Byzantium/Evergreen L5?

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I assume yes.

For me it’s unknown, how many Devs are working on Byzantium/Evergreen L5. I heard from so called “well informed folks” that staff was reduced. Maybe someone from Purism reads this and could comment on this or management could to a post in Posts – Purism about the future of the L5.


I bought this thing based on their ads
15 months later, it still won’t work.
Thankfully, there are several well seasoned people that bend over backwards to help through these forums.
If it were not for the volunteers, Puri reputation would look a lot worse.

I’m betting the L5 is doomed.

Thanks for your upbeat reply. :sweat_smile:


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I don’t want to wait any more. The ads don’t say we have to wait. And all I’ve done is wait 15 months while doing my best with the many people here who tried very hard to help me make the device do something, other than just be a $1,500.00 game of 2048!.

Quote Puri:
When you purchase a Librem 5, you can be confident that we will continue to provide security updates, privacy improvements, bug fixes, and new features… for the lifetime of your device, without compromising performance. Your Librem will stay secure and responsive for years to come.

When does it start? ↚ rhetorical

It only makes sense that if they laid off staff, they are not hiring more people to take care of L5 owners. They must move devs over to the Crimson arena and re-purpose the meanings behind their ad promises.

They never say what the “lifetime of your device” means.

Trust is not automatic, it must be earned.



Then you would logically sell your Librem 5 and recoup some of your funds. :wink:


I don’t take being hosed very lightly.

I asked for instructions on how to do a kernel install. That is probably where the faulty stuff lay.

I have a *10¢ paperweight. How much will you give me for it?
It’s gone way beyond ‘funny’. And, snarky replies doesn’t cover the cost, shipping, 15 months of grief, nor money spent on paying a mobile service.

I just want this thing to at least handle hearing and understanding what anyone says via the phone, and pics w/ text. I don’t think I’m asking too much for $1,500.00+?
You too have spent a inordinate amount of your time helping me. That too should not have happened.

My last kick at the can (cat is too violent and attracts penalties) is to use @FranklyFlawless attempt using a USB to deliver the flash, but after I get a new kernel.
Maybe I need to ask @JCS to put a quest that @support reads my request to send me instructions on inserting a kernel to maybe take the place of a faulty one before any more flash is done.

*10¢ due to unbridled inflation :smirk:


You choose to not use the option sending in the L5 for repair. Instead you choose to use this forum for venting your disapointment.
Yet you seem to forget that the forum is not a support forum. It is a community forum, no more no less.
I think, posting your dissapointment or frustration over and over again is not going to help you either.

Sorry to say this, but the only way to get out if this is to contact support and use the RMA or sell the L5 and forget about it.


I will add a TB microsd to my Librem5 the next days. Is there a easy way or howto to end up with separate boot Options for Development with Crimson and stable with the usual one (and maybe one for a waydroid :wink: ?

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Does anyone know if the exim4-daemon-light package is necessary? After I upgraded to Crimson, OpenSnitch alerted me to the /usr/bin/exim4 binary trying to make a network connection.

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