Customising things

Hmm. It seems that I installed DarkFire as a deb, and that I just copied the files that came with the adw-gtk3-dark theme. That appears to have worked as expected - didn’t do anything special, as far as I recall.

The instructions on the adw-gtk3 theme says, the files should be copied to ~/.local/share/themes/ or /usr/share/theme, not to both. (Just to make sure.)

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Forgive me if I missed it when searching. Is there a documented way to set the lockscreen background independent of the home screen/desktop background?

You can accomplish it this way.

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Thank you! Not sure how I missed that those instructions included the option for 2 separate backgrounds the first time through.

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Do you know where i can the name for the pulldown panel. I want to try to put a custom background on it but i can’t find its name.:thinking:

No. Sorry.

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I tried both locations, but I’m good with Greybird dark. I also disabled the highlight current line in gedit otherwise dark themes make the text unreadable. You do that with gsettings.

I did see that gsettings line for changing the highlighted gedit line. Had the page opened in my browser for days. Gone now. Can’t find it anywhere.
What was it again?

Sorry. I clicked the wrong ‘reply’ button, I’ll retry: can you post that gsettings gedit tweak, please?

gsettings set org.gnome.gedit.preferences.editor highlight-current-line false@wimdows

Thanks a bundle!
(It works.)

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Here you go:
gsettings set org.gnome.gedit.preferences.editor highlight-current-line false

Have you tried this?

No, but it sounds great!

(I would not have found the gsettings command, though: I hadn’t gotten around using it yet.)

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You can also use history | grep gsettings if you sort of know in general what you used before (or grep combined with any likely-present keyword).

I’m not sure what you are asking me …

Are you trying to change the background of the lockscreen ?
What is you goal ?

Yes but if you don’t know it’s no problem. :wink:

Seems like you already saw this, didn’t the “phosh-lockscreen” section in the following post, worked for you ?

You wrote about the “pulldown panel”, did you mean the hidden top panel holding the settings ?
Seems like Guido Günther calls it the “Quick settings” panel, so maybe you can try and create a section with the name “quick-settings”

Well, I tried quick-settings quick_settings and phosh-quick-settings
Thanks for your help.