Customizing the L5's ringtone

As I found it nontrivial how to change the phone’s ringtone and could not find it in the user docs either, I did a little research and summarized my findings in a blog post here. If you are just interested in how to change it without background:

   #on the L5: as user purism
   cp /usr/share/sounds/librem5 ~/.local/share/sounds/mysound
   mv YOURCOOLRINGTONE.ogg ~/.local/share/sounds/mysound/stereo/phone-incoming-call.oga
   gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.sound theme-name mysound
   #probably a reboot is needed...?!

(one could probably also override the librem5 them in the user folder, not sure)
(.oga und .wav formats are supported)


I’d like to have the ringtone in the original Man from UNCLE series. (The desk phone, not the pen radio.)

Purism is hopefully going to address this setting in the GUI on PureOS-Byzantium when shipping the L5 phones later this year …


I am sure they will, but right now byzantium does not offer this setting.

thanks for letting us know !

This is a candidate for the community wiki.

Under “Tips & Tricks” there is already something about ringtones linking to this blog post:

I did not compare contents.

I actually used the whistling sound that was in the librem5 theme under system-ready.oga (which was unused it seems).
And I was called while in a shop where the (totally unknown) salesperson commented on my beautiful ringtone :).


Some ringtones you may like:


On this post there are more sounds that ring tone for incoming call. I love the Power on sound by Antonio Paternina Alvarez. How can I enable it? Can I? Is this sound you are talking about @spaetz ? I think i will use it for incoming calls too.

Yes exavtly that one :grinning:. It is already installed under the name system-ready.oga or somesuch but seems to be never used. I just copied the file and installed it according to the insttuctions in my blog post.

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How about the old Majel Barrett sounds old Trek fans used to put up in the old Win/95 days? Especially the one when you start a program that says “Working …”


Reminds me of Independence Day 1996 where Jeff Goldbloom’s Laptop said “Good morning, Dave.” I’ve read that it was an homage to Odyssey in Space.

At errors it could say: “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.” And the lock screen could show that red LED. We have a TV that has such an LED pretty similar to HAL 9000.

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A little bit of nostalgia mixed with “good riddance” comes to mind - kind of like when compiz screen effects were all the rage. (Exception on that front: I still love wobbly windows to this day.) Noisy desktops were fun for a while, but got old. I particularly recall reading about ubuntu coming under fire for the drums it used to play when the greeter was ready for login, because it would disturb college classes.

The TV show “Babylon 5” offered a “Shadow Wars entertainment utility” CD-ROM for win95 - still available today for dirt cheap today at amazon - which includes what today might be called an “audio theme” that automatically tied win95 events to audio snippets from the show: “Aw, Nuts!”, “You are executing an illegal order!”, “I have to deny your request”, “Are you sure you wish to go through with this?”, etc. That awful OS would generate so many errors & prompts that after hearing the clips umpteen gazillion times (before switching to Redhat in 1997), many are burned into my brain & I can replay them in my head just by reading the 8 character filename. Of course I sucked all those wav files off the disc & have them at the ready should I ever need them, or feel the need to reminisce. I know my kde plasma desktop offers a slew of events that could have an audio file tied; I’ve never looked into how many such events gnome offers.

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The phosh-mobile-settings app now allows customizing the phone call ringtone, SMS, and instant messages alerts as of 0.27.0. It can be found under the Feedback tab. Only OGG files are supported right now.

Supported formats:

How about oga files? They worked before the update…

Never mind, I converted it.

“oga” is just another extension for OGG containers. All you have to do is to change their filename.

Ah, oké. I thought that might work, but I went and converted my files again anyway.

Another query: i have noticed that the default.json does not change when the ringtone is changed through the Mobile Settings app. Where is the new settting saved then?

Ooga ogga chaka, I can’t stop this feeling …

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This is an old guy detector.

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