Disassembled my Librem 5 and this fell out

I’m new to the forum. I picked up a second-hand Librem 5 yesterday. It was practically brand new. As I was tinkering with it, the slot to the SD card an SIM card got jammed. I suspected that the one of the two cards had gotten loose and was blocking the tray from coming out. So, I set out disassembling the Librem 5. This was something I had planned on doing anyways but not quite so soon.

In any case, I got it open and down very close to removing the last PCB, when I was able to push the SIM card tray out from the other side. No big deal really, but in the process of removing the second black plastic layer that runs around and between the modem and wifi chips, this little golden piece came loose from somewhere.

Does anyone recognize this piece and where it goes? It doesn’t look broken. I reassembled the phone and everything works but maybe the vibration motor is a little different. I’m not sure. Thanks for your input. If I can figure out where it goes, I’ll attempt a reinstall.

I’ll bet @dos or @dcz can answer that.

This looks like a pogo pin. I don’t know where it goes actually, I thought those were used only for the test pads. Either way it should normally be soldered to something.

I took a quick look and at least one place that has one of those is under the WLAN-card…


Not just you? Camera kill switch not working?

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I just was about to mention it…

I never found out where the pin belonged.