Dogwood, how about some updates on thermals?

I don’t know what you mean by “desktop class software”, it doesn’t run pure GNU/Linux.
If you use your L5 as desktop mode, you don’t care about battery.
But it’s first a smartphone, and without a good autonomy, a smartphone has much less interest.

That has to be the priority, especially with so much delay, one would have hoped that his kind of basic thing to be fixed since the devkit was released.

What does NXP do anyway? Shouldn’t they be implementing these kinds of functions?

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How is it not pure GNU Linux?


Maybe @Torrone meant was that it doesn’t run a regular desktop environment like Gnome or KDE with x64 etc but instead an arm64 with an adjusted gnome (phosh) and using this on a desktop is also kind of odd as it’s meant for mobile use?

Solution: Dogwood, how about some updates on thermals?

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Thanks, very thorough and bottom line approach (explaining max. current flow of probably 1.5A versus 2.5A on two batches, when powered off)! Anyway, hoping that L5 can manage full load of up to 5A Type-C SuperCharge cable (just to be on safe side) is not in question here. For general orientation I think we might use following best values (phone related) for same charger USB-A output (to USB-C): 4.5V/5A, 5V/4.5A, 12V/2.5A, 20V=1.5A and for USB Type-C output: 5V/3A, 12V/2.5A, 15V/2A, 20V/1.5V Max., as both types of outputs are usually built within the very same modern charger, when 1+1 version. Question for myself is if we are comparing cheap 5V/1.5A charger (2?%/60min.) vs original Dogwood 12V/2.5A (6?%/60min.) charger (perhaps 12V only)? All I need are clear L5 charger specifications / recommended ones and not yet another charger.

I don’t know everything, but I do know that finding Type-C PD2.0 60W Flash Charge Data Cable that is capable of transmitting 20V/3A on his own is not a problem any more (even though not an accustomed purchase).

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Android is based on a custom Linux Kernel and Google ART.

No, I was speaking about Android.
You can run what you call “a regular desktop environment” on Librem 5 with PureOS or other Linux distrib. And Phosh is ok from this point of view as you can use it (it’s installed on my PC) as a desktop environment, even it’s for the moment less mature.

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You mean anyone external?

Two Purism employees note receiving Dogwood in Dogwood & Dogwood more Dogwood

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Is there anyone who is not an employee that has any confirmed news, videos , pictures for Dogwood?

We will be shipping them this week. We found a very odd issue that causes Dogwood to freeze during extensive burn-in in some conditions.
As such we have been working on addressing it, and this made our tests and troubleshooting take longer than anticipated.

We have informed the backers that were in the Dogwood batch of the situation. Asking if they would prefer to move their orders to Evergreen, or remain in Dogwood considering that we are troubleshooting the issue and addressing it. Everyone that choose to remain in Dogwood will have their Librem 5 Dogwood shipped this week.

This back and forth with the persons in Dogwood batch also took sometime.

In any case we will address this and provide more details soon, when we have compiled more information on the issue.


With this Dogwood issue solved, what is a likely date for Evergreen? I’ll pay more if I can get one for Christmas :blush::blush::+1:

I will refer to the post we just made in the Forum about this:


lol ! use the donate to Purism from the online store and add it to your cart already :slight_smile:

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Great news, really looking forward to some actual user review of dogwood! with the last issues for the second to last batch finally out of the way, we can see what the hardware experience for the final product is going to be like. Thanks for the info!


Yes! And somehow, I believe that (only) few S-VOOC2.0 car chargers like this one might be our best choice. Can someone (@joao.azevedo) test one with their Dogwood, for us waiting to get Evergreen/Fir, please!? Not an expert opinion, but Green USB-A output (as linked) should provide at least 4A at 12V. Or, am I too optimistic?

EDIT: Alternatively this one (USB-A Output1) points to cca. 3A (36W÷12V).

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what? :o did they even announce the librem 5 would support fast charging? that’s pretty amazing!

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You are probably too optimistic. TheLinuxGamer’s unboxing video of Birch had a charger that supported 5Vx3A (15W), 9Vx2A (18W) and 12Vx1.5A (18W) charging.

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12V charging is announced! Rest on how to charge Librem 5 I need to find out too. Perhaps this might work well (by excluding direct usage of 5V only USB-A chargers).

I’m sure Purism team knows better how to use SW3518S PMIC (if used at all?).

@amosbatto, sorry that I continue to be unclear when asking questions (another nonexpert approach to understand how things work). Perhaps this below screenshot from ASUS official site explains one of possible solutions (that might be of interest to accept as something unusual, instead of 12V×1.5A, at least) for all users, including gamers on i.MX8M Quad:

Example above (although not usable within car) points out to an Asus AD21130020 (for EU) charger (12V×2.5A) for ROG Phone (ZS600KL).

The ROG Phone 30W Adapter & USB-C Cable uses direct-charge technology that puts the charging circuitry inside the power adapter rather than the phone. This delivers more power for shorter, safer charge times, and also means your ROG Phone stays cooler when it’s charging.

how much cooler ?

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The Texas Instruments TPS65982 USB Type-C and USB PD controller, power switch, and high-speed multiplexer in the Librem 5 supports Power Delivery up to 20V x 3A (60W), so higher watt charging may be possible, but I have to assume that Purism is only providing an 18W charger for a reason. There are many things that can limit fast charging, including the battery.

Traditionally Snapdragons varied the voltage and B&K Electronics (Oppo/Vivo/OnePlus/Realme) varied the amperage. Today, most fast charging standards (Quick Charge 4.0, SuperVOOC 2.0, etc.) vary both the voltage and the amperage, but everything has to be designed to handle the higher voltage and higher amperage, and Purism probably didn’t do that. Given the battery degradation caused by fast charging, I personally think that 18 watt charging is fast enough.