Encrypted Calls

When trying to make a call I see it tells me the call is unencrypted (which I would expect). Is there anyway to do an encrypted call right now? I know telegram probably works, but is there anything else?

Thank you everyone!

Yes it warning that is an Unencrypted call because it is a GSM call which will never safe, so Purism is implement Encrypted calls on Phosh under the core app of Calls plugged with Chatty by using Matrix and XMPP, So when Purism finish all this developments then you can do Calls Encrypted on the app Posh-Calls. There is a free software XMPP powered app which would be the first and soonest to make an encrypted call under Libhandy-Phosh. Stay tuned


Like Carlos said when the work is finished making the Librem5 a “Matrix Powered” phone you should have a built in option.

See When will the L5 be a Matrix-powered smartphone?

Alternatives include using a Matrix, Telegram and Signal (for calls made between other users of those services)

There are also XMPP solutions but they (like the others) don’t encypt once the call goes across the phone network (ie calling through your XMPP client to order pizza is not encrypted).

An example would be JMP chat (https://jmp.chat/)

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I tried to get signal working, but Axolotl would not install from github due to a missing dependency. Is there another way to get signal working so I can make calls?

I did try Fractal for matrix but I don’t see a way to make calls. Is there another app for this? Thank you!

Looks like they are not there yet for Fractal:

Fractal does not currently have encryption support, but there is an initiative for it.

We are now partially using matrix-rust-sdk rather than our own implementation. (See #636) and are working towards using it completely.

For Signal see these threads, I don’t know if Signal encrypted calling is working but there are a lot of methods being attempted to use it (Signal) on mobile Linux so it could be buried.

There are more around the forum but these are the two I see most often right now.

Also see Waydroid as a possible alternative, though some users report build issues OK the Librem5:


The debs for Dino with voice calls and adaptive ui is available from purism ci https://source.puri.sm/librem5-apps/dino-im/-/jobs/382096/artifacts/browse/debian/output/ once upstream merges adaptive branch to their main branch, it can be included in main repos.

https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/Apps_Issues/-/issues/219 for details


It is now available in pureos repos via octarine suite (just add one more line to your sources.list).