Estimate your Librem 14 shipping

FYI Librem 14 Bluetooth


More accurately, you can have Bluetooth or privacy but not both. :frowning:

Throwing it out there for other options:

  • buy a Bluetooth USB dongle - sketchy option until someone can identify a suitable dongle that works without a blackbox driver
  • buy a Logitech wireless mouse with unifying receiver - assuming that you want to stick with wireless

Thanks @kieran I will run to a store later and look at a Logitech w/receiver if they have any in stock. Otherwise might just get a wired mouse for now. Not a biggie, but rather not load the necessary software for bluetooth.

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For Bluetooth, I am using this Bluetooth adapter, from ThinkPenguin.

From the description:


Next time the top post is updated, can you also add the date of that? I suspect that post might be out of date

Sorry about that, as it turns out I have reached the maximum number of edits and can’t edit it any further.


You can ask Purism to open it back up for editing. They did it for me.


You can enable Bluetooth by downloading the drivers, it’s just purism won’t install them since they’re closed source


Just an update on what you to expect for shipping delays: I got the news that in a large (No. 3 in Productivity worldwide) Harbour in China, that is responsible for nearly everything that is produced in Shenzhen, there is a COVID-19 outbreak, and it is closed. There are 160,000 Containers stuck there that are now missing for other shipping. It’s worse than what we have seen due to the trouble in the Suez Canal! Other Ports in China are overloaded as well and cannot mitigate the effects, so things that are produced in Shenzhen travel nowhere (but have to be shipped some day, which will increase pressure on the logistics worldwide).


Nice !! Enjoy

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I ordered my L14 on April 25, 2021 and was told it would be shipped June 2021.
Is that shipping schedule still good or is there any delays?
This is the first time for me on this forum.

It will take time. I ordered in September 2020 and still got nothing. I highly recommend being patient!

Thank you for your response. I hope I don’t have to wait that long.

Date Ordered : September 6, 2020
Address Confirmation Email : June 1, 2021
Receipt of Address Confirmation : June 1, 2021
Email with Tracking Number : June 28, 2021
Estimated delivery date from DHL : July 1, 2021


Date Ordered : October 11, 2020
Address Confirmation Email : June 1, 2021
Receipt of Address Confirmation : June 1, 2021
Email with Tracking Number : June 23, 2021
Delivery date from DHL : June 28, 2021

So far, I am super happy with it, works like a charm.


June or July?

woops, typo sorry - June, will edit the post

Ordered: September 17, 2020

  • Memory (dual slot) - 64GB (2x32GB)
  • Storage M.2 - 512GB (NVMe Pro)
  • Battery: 4-cell

Address Confirmation Email: June 1, 2021
Receipt of Address Confirmation : June 1, 2021
Shipped: June 22, 2021


Date Ordered: November 25, 2020
Address Confirmation Email: June 22, 2021
Email with Tracking Number: June 29, 2021
Estimated delivery date from FedEx: July 3, 2021 [though FedEx has not yet received the package this AM]

Excited to finally get it!


So doesn’t look like there were that many orders to go through from September to November. So maybe shipping parity within a month or two.
With all the negative press and all that’s been going on I can’t imagine they got a large number of orders the first half of this year either.