Estimate your Librem 14 shipping

This post is about the Librem 14, given your order date you are probably talking about the Librem 5

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I posted in the wrong thread. Sorry

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@turblety , here’s the thread: Estimate your Librem 5 shipping


Got a response from the support. Support said to expect the email by the end of May. Let’s hope so. Looked through some replies and it seems like they are getting through the July orders at least. Hoping they reach the August pre orders soon too.

Ordered 5/1/2021 fully loaded (64GB RAM, 2TB NVMe, Qubes OS, PureBoot Bundle Plus + Anti-interdiction services) since it said (and still says) "Orders placed today ship June 2021.

We shall see!


Ordered July 2nd in the evening (EU), have not yet received the shipping confirmation.
Not happy, but still keep some hope.



Ordered on July 6, 2020 (with PureBoot Bundle, ship to EU).
Received delivery address confirmation email on March 26, 2021.
No shipping notice yet.

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Just received an email (May 10) saying my order will be shipped by DHL today :raised_hands:.


Is your PureBoot bundle with separeted shipping of Librem Key from laptop?
If yes, do you receive Librem Key first of all?
I asked to support but without a reply.

Everything is sent together (in the order it’s referred as “Firmware”). You need to order the “PureBoot Bundle Plus” to have it shipped separately:

I ordered Bundle Plus, but I do not know if I’ll get first of all the key or the laptop.

I ordered Sept 18, 2020
No email about it shipping yet
I got one general email that shipping had begun but nothing about my order

Is the “all pre-orders will ship in May” concept still a thing?

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I ordered August 15, and no emails at all yet. I can’t imagine all preorders will ship in May at this point, but since we have no clue how many preorders there are, anyone can guess at this point.

Updated - New Delivery date.

Librem 14 (8GB RAM, Standard 250GB SSD, not using extra M.2)
Librem Key + Vault shipped separately

Date Ordered: July 12, 2020
Address Confirmation Email: March 26, 2021
Receipt of Address Confirmation: March 30, 2021
Email with Tracking Number for L14: May 10, 2021 (FedEx)
Email with Tracking Number for Librem Key: May 10, 2021 (USPS Priority)

Estimated delivery date from FedEx: May 13, 2021 Updated to be May 14, 2021 Now (Don’t bank on shipping label day).
Estimated delivery date from USPS for LK: May 17, 2021

Update: I’m a bit annoyed that the Librem Key is arriving AFTER the laptop. Since these were in stock, shouldn’t I have received it well before the laptop?


What email address do you receive the shipping notification from?

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Your dates are consistent with mines: I ordered before you, but I got feedback after address confirmation on 6 April, so I should receive tracking information in the next week.
You are in USA; I ask if someone outside USA ordered PureBoot Bundle plus, in order to know if there are customs issues (money to pay) because of two shipments for one invoice.

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@fbk - Both tracking information emails came from



  • Memory (dual slot) - 16GB (1x16GB) × 1
  • Storage M.2 - 250GB (SATA) × 1
  • Firmware - PureBoot Bundle (PureBoot + Librem Key + Vault USB Drive) × 1
  • Privacy Screen for Librem 14 × 1

Date Ordered: July 20, 2020
Address Confirmation Email: March 26, 2021
Receipt of Address Confirmation: March 29, 2021
Email with Tracking Number: May 11, 2021 (DHL, headed for Toronto area)

Estimated delivery date from DHL: Not provided

It’s coming!



Very exciting!!!