Estimate your Librem 14 shipping

Is the receipt of address confirmation just the reply email after you confirm your address (ie: “thanks for confirming your address”) or is it suppose to contain actual order info in it?

Thank you for confirming your shipping data. When we ship your order we will send you an email with the tracking link.

That’s all I got from them when they confirmed receiving my confirmation to the confirmation of address email.

Okay, that makes sense. Thank you for clarifying. Got that email on April 6th. Ordered mine on July 13, 2020. No tracking number yet.

So are they not doing them in order of date ordered?

my impression is that theyre shipping based on the address confirmation date

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If you ordered a Librem Key with your L14…

Given my tracking finally updated with USPS, I would suggest emailing support and asking them to ship the Librem Key’s BEFORE the laptop. Since they have/had these in stock, I’m a bit frustrated that it’s showing up after the laptop arrives.

Apparently there are still some kinks that need to be worked out…

Maybe they’re just trying to see if anyone can by-pass the Librem Key security model, sounds like getting a shiny new toy and not being able to use it would be great motivation for a “security-inclined” person to take a stab at it. :sweat_smile:

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Did you pay for the anti-interdiction service? If not, did you read the information about it anyway? It addresses the concerns that someone may have “messed with” the laptop between Purism and your doorstep.

The Librem Key is more focused on the “evil maid” i.e. someone may have messed with the laptop after it has reached your doorstep but while it is not directly under your watchful eye.


Thanks @kieran for the clarification, wouldn’t somebody still be able to use this on day one as tamper detection against bios and kernel?

If that’s not the case, then I apologize for the distraction.

I emailed them a bit ago asking about this and it sounded to me like they were doing it based on when you ordered, not address confirmation, although I’m sure there are exceptions to this

Doesn’t explain why the August 3 order or some mid/late July orders were shipped first.

Both cases I’ve seen have had earlier shipping address confirmation dates than others, thus leading to my conclusion that confirmation is the relevant factor.

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I’m confused too. I emailed support and they said they were shipping in order… but it doesn’t seem that way.

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it also depends on how fast the local parcel authorities perform their duties and if those duties ALSO involve a more ‘close’ inspection of the goods being delivered … if you know what i mean :wink:

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My delivery was ETA’d to arrive yesterday, but seems to have been stopped in the last leg of delivery, with the following message:

Access restricted by the Consignee or Regulatory body
Delivery will be arranged when restrictions are lifted

From a quick search, it appears they are performing some sort of sanitization (Covid19) of the package before final delivery, thankfully. It did give me pause though.

DHL tracking may show a status of “ Access restricted by the Consignee or Regulatory body ” - please don’t fret , this is a generic status which indicates that DHL are sanitising the outer packaging of all parcels entering the country.


And I received it yesterday (May 14).


The universe was listening… L14 showed up a day late, and the Librem Key showed up a day early. I was able to verify my BIOS had not been tampered with! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m hoping I’m only 2-3 weeks away from getting mine!


:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


Same, hope it ships this month, when I bought it, it said that orders placed today will ship May 2021

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Or that some three letter agency is installing malware on your laptop :grinning: