Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

BTW: within free-shipping i have ordered an extra battery!
Possibly, Prism offered something it couldn’t deliver.

Hi adamk,

i think its just about land-specific delivery rules about Batteries. Like, in Germany you could only send a Battery inside a Phone and one without will cause extra costs or insurance.

I think the offer of purism with that battery was a well-meant but end sometimes with extra personal issues.

Hope it will solved sooner, not later. And the Support give you some hints.



Backing date: 2018-08-05 (Aug 5)
Address verification email: 2022-07-05
Purism Will Ship When Ready email: 2022-07-05

I ordered AweSim so there was a delay is shipping since Purism was forced to set up service through another phone service provider, but changed my mind and cancelled AweSIM, so:
Shipping eMail: March 8, 2023 by FedEx Ground to Newport Beach, California
Received: March 10, 2023, :smiley:

Very nice product; all components, accessories, and ordered spare battery received.
Currently charging battery, waiting for red charging indicator to turn green before play time begins! :joy:


Red indicator will just go out, not turn green, but happy play time. :wink:

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Ordered on 18th june 2019, received 13.03.2023

Order date: 2019-06-18
Verification email: 2023-03-01
Email response: 2023-03-02
Shipment: 2023-03-08
Received: 2023-03-15
Destination: Australia

Haven’t opened it yet, there were no issues with customs which is nice.


this has been shipped two days ago.

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We can deliver batteries within the limits that the transport companies have. Some of those limits are, we can only send an extra battery together with the device that it is intended to, because it is supposed to be a extra battery for your device.

And there are limits to the number of extra batteries that a device can have shipped in the same order.


And now the shipment is stuck at German customs:
“The enclosed invoice was not accepted by the customs authorities.”
I need to provide proof of payment that I don’t have anymore!
I’m curious how this never-ending story continues!

It took 4 weeks from address validation to actual shipping. Surprised by my order?

Did you check here:

Well, that’s not a proof of payment. But because I have nothing else, I submitted this.
I’m afraid this is just as good as the enclosed invoice/delivery note

possibly, customs compared the price on the enclosed invoice with the current price! AGAIN no clue!

Hi adamk,

look for your E-Mail back in the past. After your Order you got one E-Mail with the total amount and the Bank Code Number. And days later you got a E-Mail like “Your Purism order receipt from …”

This should be enough proof of payment.



My email address and credit card have changed over the last 4 years! I found a screenshot of the order process in 2019 and forwarded it also to customs.

support helped me by sending me the same documents that where rejected by customs.
i am in contact with support Mladen Pejaković.
my reply:
On Fri, 2023-03-17 at 23:00 +0100, ak wrote:


i have found the word “WIRECARD” in your attached documents.
i checked address confirmation mail and company is Wirecard. i over-
viewed it!

i was employed by Wirecard and used to have my shipment there.

after Wirecard’s bankruptcy in 2020 i have changed online billing and
shipping address to my personal address.

pls see attachted screenshot
there is no wirecard since 2020!

i think wirecard has triggered the authorities!

please send my a personal invoice, not a commercial/businesses, one!

no response so far!

@adamk I had the same issue as you, but fortunately, my previous bank sent me via email my account activity reports as a PDF every month, so I found the report from month when I purchased Librem 5 and used that as a payment proof for customs.
Do you have something like that maybe?

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My turn! :smiley:
Order date: July 8th 2019
Shipping Email: Mar 9th 2023
Shipped: Mar 16th 2023
Received: Mar 18th 2023


OMG, I’m July 31st '19: so close I can practically taste the icing off the top!
Encore un effort, Purism: let’s go with that shipping email!


They haven’t told you what issue exactly they’re having with the enclosed invoice.
Customs officials are people, too. Sometimes they make mistakes but whenever I had an issue, they were happy to help.
Once, they even accepted a printout of a year-old SMS thread I handed them as proof of purchase!
I’m sure you’ll be absolutely fine. There’s no reason to be afraid.


Anybody else received L5 with accessories(includes battery)?

Order date: 2019-05-04
Verification email: 2023-02-15
Email response: 2023-02-17
Shipment: -
Received: -

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