Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

As long as you don’t ignore your wife you should be good.

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Not applicable! :rofl:


Awesome, an August got their sipping notification, I’m still waiting for mine…



Ordered: 2019-08-04
Confirmation email: 2023-04-11
Response: 2023-04-18
Shipping notification: 2023-04-20
Arrived: 2023-04-22.
Country: US.

After waiting well over 3 years for this phone, it is surreal to see it finally here and ship so quickly! Now I can finally wholeheartedly recommend this phone as an option that does, in fact, arrive eventually, without the company going under!


Ordered: 09-08-2019
Confirmation email: 04-11-2023
Response: 04-19-2023
Shipping notification: 04-20-2023
Arrived: 04-23-2023
Country: USA

Glad to finally get the phone. Wasn’t expecting a Sunday delivery. Just happened to be in the living room when FedEx arrived with it. I’ll be checking it out over time. My situation has changed a bit since I order the phone. So I’ll have to wait a bit before getting service for it. The wifi works great on it though.


Awesome! I hope I get my shipping notification soon. I hope it comes soon. Seeing other people get theirs makes me excited for it.


Ordered: 2019-10-31
Verification Email: 2023-04-17
Response: 2023-04-17
Shipment Notification: 2023-04-24
Received: 2023-04-26


Order date: 2019-05-04
Verification email: 2023-03-23 AND 2023-04-24-24 my bad here, not Purism
Email response: 2023-04-24
Shipment: -
Received: -

If you’re bored out of your mind, check out the Round Table thing:
Two L5s walked into a bar…
It’s about my wait time.


Almost to November! Woo hoo!


Seems they skipped my August 2nd order as I never got a tracking notification…

Oh well, someone was selling their L5, so I will have one next week, and when I get it, use uuu, then start getting things built so I can migrate from SafishOS to it.

There were several people who got skipped in line by accident. I believe that they sorted it out by contacting support.


E-mail sent :slight_smile:

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Ordered: August 20th, 2019
Confirmation email: April 10th, 2023
Response: April 10th, 2023
Shipping notification: April 19th, 2023
Arrived: April 26th, 2023
Country: Germany


Ordered: 2019-09-15
Verification E-Mail: 2023-04-17
Response: 2023-04-17
Shipment notification: 2023-04-20
Received: 2023-04-24

Country: France

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I didn’t want to reply, but Purism didn’t hit the time frame I said before. Something went wrong internal, so I never got that reply with shipping notification.

However, I wrote last week to Purisms support-email and got a response one day later. João Azevedo apologized for that and wrote that he is trying to ship it on same week. One day later (Thursday) I got that shipment notification. Thanks for that simple and fast support @joao.azevedo.

I wanted to share this experience with you people. If you miss any email about verification or shipment, just write a friendly request/reminder and all will be done just fine. But only if Purism is over your queue number - so compare with this thread before (and may give 1 or 2 weeks extra to be sure). In past I saw some people writing that they got no L5 even months after Purism reached their queue number. There is no need for waiting that long.

Ordered: 2019-07-31
Verification E-Mail: 2023-04-04
Support E-Mail to Purism: 2023-04-24
Support response: 2023-04-25
Shipping notification: 2023-04-26
Received: 2023-05-02

Country: Germany
Tax: 19% (114€ from 649$-order).




I hope I get the shipping estimate today or tomorrow

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Ordered: 2019-09-28
Verification e-mail: 2023-04-17
Response: 2023-04-19
Shipping notification: 2023-04-24
Received: 2023-05-03

Total wait time in days:
2019 - 95 days
2020 - 366 days
2021 - 365 days
2022 - 365 days
2023 - 122 days
total - 3 calendar years and 217 days (~3.59 calendar years)

I am happy to have the device though, and I’ll do another post about the setting up experience, since I am in the unusual group of those who have already been using the Pinephone as the only phone for the last two years.