Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

Wow! So the whole waiting months or years to get your Librem 5 saga is over now. I never thought I would see that happen. The next step should be for Purism to mass mail all of the refund checks to those who requested refunds over the past four to six years.

At one point, I was going to ask for a refund. But I decided to take my chances and wait instead. I did get my phone. But the deciding factor was that I was afraid that if I asked for a refund, that I would get neither a refund nor the phone. At this point, it appears that several individuals are at that point now.


I suggest moving on from this thread sooner rather then later. Eventually in the very near future, the lead time will become 10 days for the Librem 5, then this thread will become obsolete.

I am appreciative of the fact that Purism managed to work through the pandemic and still be around today to deliver their crowdfunded campaign promises.


This is a good concept that is widely applicable (in many online forums). :wink:


Note to the few early backers who have not yet confirmed your address: “We Have Your Phone Ready to Ship!” Your Librem 5 is ready to ship to you, please reach out to support with your order number (or email and rough date of order so we can work to verify it).


Particularly as the poster is inevitably speaking from a position of ignorance.

None of us knows the exact state of play regarding fulfillment, as we are not insiders.

And, as has been pointed out numerous times over the years, no customer is obliged to report a pending delivery or actual receipt in this topic.

So yeah

maybe give it another month and this topic should be locked.


Final update. Still delay after SD card adjustments. Contacted support and Hub was now out of stock delaying delivery. Kindly asked Mladen to release all stocked items on 21/8/23. Delivery confirmation sent on 23/8/23. I’m in ireland and DHL actually delivered the phone to my house early afternoon on the 25/8/23! I had just been granted 3 weeks holidays the night before so i was in bed dying of a hangover and missed the knock on the door. Phone received 28/8/23. I’m still impressed with that 2 day turnaround. Thanks Mladen and all in Purism, Librem5 is awesome, im going to be smashing a huawei android very soon! I’ll bury it beside my old fitbit. In the back corner of my garden where my dog likes to poop!


Let’s see a couple of new orders delivered within the promised 2 weeks.

Then it’s over :heavy_check_mark:


Order Date: 2021-09-10
Verification Email: 2023-06-05
Tracking Email: 2023-09-01
Shipped: 2023-09-01
Received: 2023-09-04


Are we about to close off this thread? lol

I nominate this for most informative post.

Excellent contribution.


order date: april 29, 2021
verification email: aug 21, 2023
shipped: aug 29, 2023
received: sep 1, 2023
destination: Canada


I’m reminded of other venues where the topic could have a database.

Order Date: 2021-10-31
Verification Email: 2023-08-21
Shipped: 2023-9-1
Received: Pending
Destination: USA


Thank you!

Order date: 2021-03-14
Verification email: 2023-06-05
Shipped: 2023-08-24
Received: 2023-08-29
Destination: Italy

I’ll write my first impressions in a couple of weeks.


Usually Purism sends an email with a tracking number for your package on it. You can also check your order history within the Purism web shop manually.


Thanks! I’ve updated my original post with the shipping date.


I said it a long time ago. I wish the posts that refer back to didn’t have that standard inspecting-its-own-navel marketing blurb at the top. I’d like to read like the first paragraph here.

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(Seems fair. Probably better in the Site Feedback category though.)

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I am not familiar with what configuration options Discourse offers but here it appears to be grabbing the text in the default preview from the <head> section, from the <meta> tag with name “description”.

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So lots of places where it could be changed - which probably ensures that it will not be changed at all. :wink:

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