Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

Order Date: 2021-09-10
Verification Email: 2023-06-05
Tracking Email: 2023-09-01
Shipped: 2023-09-01
Received: 2023-09-04


Are we about to close off this thread? lol

I nominate this for most informative post.

Excellent contribution.


order date: april 29, 2021
verification email: aug 21, 2023
shipped: aug 29, 2023
received: sep 1, 2023
destination: Canada


I’m reminded of other venues where the topic could have a database.

Order Date: 2021-10-31
Verification Email: 2023-08-21
Shipped: 2023-9-1
Received: Pending
Destination: USA


Thank you!

Order date: 2021-03-14
Verification email: 2023-06-05
Shipped: 2023-08-24
Received: 2023-08-29
Destination: Italy

I’ll write my first impressions in a couple of weeks.


Usually Purism sends an email with a tracking number for your package on it. You can also check your order history within the Purism web shop manually.


Thanks! I’ve updated my original post with the shipping date.


I said it a long time ago. I wish the posts that refer back to didn’t have that standard inspecting-its-own-navel marketing blurb at the top. I’d like to read like the first paragraph here.

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(Seems fair. Probably better in the Site Feedback category though.)

This is seemingly a function of two things

  1. Discourse forum software functionality and configuration.
  2. What metadata is set on any given blog post.

I am not familiar with what configuration options Discourse offers but here it appears to be grabbing the text in the default preview from the <head> section, from the <meta> tag with name “description”.

When including a link you can of course choose to suppress the default preview of the link completely or to include just the HTML standard of some user-specified text for the link. If you don’t do either then you get the default preview and the default preview appears to be as per the previous paragraph.

So lots of places where it could be changed - which probably ensures that it will not be changed at all. :wink:

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Having just gotten mine this afternoon, I am feeling a bit like “Was it me holding up the process?” No my ego is not that big. But it is sort of interesting to think I was one of the last few out the door.

Order Date: 28/11/2020
Verification Email: 23/05/2023
Lost in junk mail Found on: 02/08/2023
Shipped: 05/09/2023
Received: 07/09/2023
Destination: UK

Initial impression it is a brick, but it is fast and smooth, everything has worked so far.
Small gripe - ##### - is far to easy to think the - are included.
Only unfilled wish, is an alarm that really works, like from a cold off or at lest as effective at waking up the phone as a call or text is.


What is omitted?

Alarms work just fine for me, although I only use them for important appointments; they are within the Clocks app.

Alright! so waiting times are at an all time low, and many people seem to now, finally be getting their phones.
I ordered mine in july 2019, and just got it yesterday. From this point on, i’m hoping there’s enough people that got it, that we’ll see a bunch of apps show up for it.


Not from suspend though, which I believe is the point being made. This is an acknowledged limitation, a fix for which is outstanding, and Purism is even giving the official (partial) workaround: PureOS on Liberty Phone and Librem 5 – Purism

No. The latest missives make clear that failure to respond is not holding up the process. I understand that your question was not entirely serious.


I think he’s speaking about waking up from suspend.

@purism285 :
Don’t suspend for the time your alarm is active. You can plug in your power cable to have no energy problems. That suspend issue will be fixed some time in future.


Yes to be fair it is the suspend issue.
I use my phone as an alarm clock (well I did back before the Jolla died) so I need to have confidence that I will get the alarm if it is at all possible. There for there is (almost) never a time that I do not have an alarm pending.

Yes plugging in is good, but the longer battery life of suspend will make a difference.

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