Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

My apologies! I looked but didn’t notice your updates.

If any are missing, it’s probably because they haven’t posted their order date or shipping date yet.

I take it you’re referring to the long awaited update that was promised to come in January…? No, I don’t think it’s here yet and I’d expect it to be in the Purism site (news and such) as well as in an email (not there either) - or at least one of the two. But then again, going from history, I’d expect to hear around Jan 31st (Honolulu timezone). A delay of a few weeks moths on that date is not out of the question either. And, it’s most likely (given history) just some update, not an announcement to ship to all - that was not promised, if I recall (but we can hope).


There has been discussion in the Librem 5 Matrix room that the shipping update post is being worked on this week. So, hopefully by Friday.


Now, I’m sure, as soon as we original backers get our estimation mails, some will complain “so, the original backers will have theirs till easter, this likely means I’ll get mine… Xmas… 2022… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

To put things a bit into perspective (as can also be extracted from the first post here), I updated my old stats post 3500 phones ordered, almost $2.5 million raised

To summarize:
The original backers ordered about 3000 phones. Let’s assume 500 got theirs already.
That means about 2500 should to receive an estimation email soon.
By the end of 2018, about 1000 new orders had been placed.
Depending wheter you assume linear growth or not, it would be about 1000 more in 2019 and 2020 (or more, or less :face_with_monocle:)

In other words, (with linear extrapolation), the original backers are almost 50% of sales.
Of course these numbers are speculative, and orders could have increased or decreased or both :wink:


That was quick :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for your efforts on ths @Caliga! :slight_smile: Estimates are just that, estimtes, but it helps provide some perspectives. I ordered in Sept 2018, so i’m still a ways out it looks like. The big unknown now is the cpu supply chain. Which is understandable. The virtue of patience :slight_smile:


My old phone has been dying for a year!!!
Please send me a working phone asap!!!
Thanks for putting all the work into the estimated shipping.


In December, I ordered a Librem5 for my young adult/teen, but unless I missed it in the fine print, I did not read anywhere on the information page for the Librem5 about anything I am seeing on this thread. Which is it’s taking months if not years for people to get the phones they ordered? Am I misunderstanding? What is this Evergreen, Fir, Birch etc all about? TBH, I feel like my username. I found this webpage/forum thread after seeing “Awaiting shipment” on my order for over a month now, with no further emails that indicated any status of the order or future shipment date. Transparency anyone?

Those are names of different batches, different versions of the Librem 5, from here:

That was in September 2019. As you can see there, things have been further delayed after that. Now finally during the last few weeks people have started getting Librem 5 Evergreen shipped. That’s good news but it’s still not clear how long it will take for all orders.

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Because this is a development project of a phone from scratch, not the selling of an off-the-shelf, already available product. Years is how much it takes to develop a phone from scratch.


To expand on previous answers:
Some of us have waited for 3 years now, but we witnessed the whole process of development from scratch. This includes hundreds off blog posts, progress reports, videos… and delays.
You can get an overview here: Librem 5 — Development Chronology

However, about two months ago, shipping of the final hardware has started. With the information I have, my guess is that it might take about six months to fulfill all orders. We’ll probably know that with more certainty in the next weeks.


I ordered my L5 25 August 2017, and I received the Evergreen to Sweden in 17 December 2020.


Aspen, Birch, Chestnut, and Dogwood versions were incremental iterations of the phone as it was undergoing development and improvement from the initial crowdfunding campaign over the following 3 years. (It took a bit longer than expected.)

Evergreen is the final production model. It started shipping in November 2020 to the crowdfunding backers (those who pledged between August and October 2017). The pre-orders that occurred after crowdfunding will be fulfilled following completion of shipment to all the crowdfunders. Shipping is expected to pick up speed over the next few months, transitioning to near real-time order fulfillment after that.

Fir is an as yet notional version which is planned for some point in the future.

If you ordered in December, you will probably receive your L5 Evergreen sometime before summer, as a best guess. You can email Purism to get more details.

From the Librem 5 order page: "Place your order now, get it in a few months!"

I don’t think the Librem 5 phone is ready from “young adult/teen” perspective as yet. There won’t be WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc. like native apps, no games per se that are available on Android/iOS platforms that most teens use, work-in-progress battery life improvement etc… The Librem 5 is still a work-in-progress item on the software part. It is not really ready for mainstream yet.


That’s all good, but their “Order Now” page should indicate some semblance of this. When I was ordering, I was paying for a product. I didn’t think my money was basically an “investment”. Who knows what will happen in 2-3 years?


Place your order now, get it in a few months!

What is unclear here?

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Well, that depends on the teen. Someone who would enjoy tinkering around with a Raspberry Pi might well get quite a lot out of a Librem 5.


This is where I ordered from, at the site below. I don’t see “get it in a few months” on here. If it’s there, it’s in very fine print. I don’t have issue with the product - it sounds great. In fact, it sounds fantastic. But I like transparency. And btw, a “a few months”? Sounds like people have been waiting way longer than “a few months”. JS…

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