Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

I think I found the bottleneck :laughing:


I ordered in August of 2019… Come to papa :smiley:

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There have reportedly also been multiple sightings of Fir in the wild:


That’s what I thought as well :slight_smile: But I guess we are both looking forward to receiving a wonderful Christmas present (I ordered at the beginning of January 2019) - at least if one extrapolates the 130 units / 14 days of the last four entries and adds some for Evergreen incidents :wink:

Btw: Evergreen is a Taiwanese company, if I am not mistaken ?
And TSMC, the largest independent chip producer in the world, is also Taiwanese, and produces for Broadcom, Mediatek, Qualcomm, Apple, AMD, NVIDIA and you name it - so if they get stuck we get stuck - this really is a fitting image :rofl:


Just received it today! It’s thick but beautiful. I think I’m in love :heart_eyes:


Arrived today, so happy!!! Much snappier than the PinePhone, seems a bit less buggy than mobian too but too early to be sure.

  • Product order: 27 September 2017
  • Purism - shipping preparing notification: 11 March 2021
  • Purism - shipping ready notification: 19 March 2021
  • DHL - delivery: 25 Mar 2021

I didn’t have to pay tax, not sure why. It is 20% import fee from the US to Sweden but apparently not. The girl at the DHL pick-up-point looked a bit stressed, maybe she forgot or something.


I’m also located in Sweden. We will probably get a message from DHL in a couple of days for the taxes. That’s what happened with my LibremMini.


So how does that work??? Hypothetically speaking, what happens if you don’t receive that message / ignore it / refuse to pay? The goon squad comes round, breaks into your house, and takes your beloved Librem 5 away? :slight_smile:

I assume that many other countries have the same, but in Sweden there’s an authority which companies can report unpaid bills to. If you don’t pay you either have to go to court if you deem the bill to be fake or you’ll get a couple of warnings. After those warnings they can essentially come to your house and take your TV or something else that is valuable to pay your unpaid bills.

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A bit motivated by waiting for my device (order date October 7, 2017) I’m watching carefully announcements here from other when the got the mail to verify the shipping address, and when shipping is done and arrived in comparing with the the order date:

order date | shipping check | shipping   | delivery date, country, payments
2017-09-17 | 2021-01-26     | 2021-02-08 | 2021-03-01, Germany 112 EUR via Paypal
2017-09-19 | 2021-02-15     | 2021-02-23 | 2021-03-01, Austria 128.19 EUR in cash
2017-09-20 |                |            | 2021-03-03, Germany 125 EUR
2017-09-24 | 2021-02-26     | 2021-03-05 | 2021-03-10
2017-09-27 | 2021-03-11     | 2021-03-19 | 2021-03-25, Sweden
           |                |            |
           |                |            |
2017-10-07 | ?              |            |

order date | devices | diff to day before
2017-09-23 |  945    |
2017-09-24 |  964    |  +19
2017-09-25 | 1025    |  +51
2017-09-26 | 1075    |  +50
2017-09-27 |    ?    |    ?
2017-09-28 | 1172    |    ?
2017-09-30 | 1266    |  +94
2017-10-02 | 1369    | +103
2017-10-04 | 1479    | +110
2017-10-05 | 1506    |  +27
2017-10-06 | 1630    | +124
2017-10-07 | 1745    | +115

If you compare, for example, the order dates September 24 to 27 (three days), the dates of the corresponding mail for address verification is an interval of 15 days. The number of new devices orders between Sep 24 and 27 is relatively constant. What could cause the delay in the shipping mails?

I think that the phones arrive in batches at Purism. When a new batch arrives, I assume they will ship them to the customers as fast as possible. Only when the new batch arrives they can start shipping out again. I think we could we even try to estimate the batch sizes that Purism receives from the figures in the tables.


four days, btw

Quackalapp :slight_smile:
27-24=3 or from lunchtime 24 to lunchtime 27 are three times 24 hours.

Received mine today (in Finland). Ordered it September 28, 2017.

Regarding the tax discussions above. At least in Finland it is your own responsibility to pay taxes for imported goods or have the shipping company do the taxes for you (more expensive of course). So even if DHL “forgets” to notify about it, you are still obliged to do it (DHL always notifies me). But I guess nobody will come after you if you don’t. Our customs have a web page where you can log in and declare your imports and exports. It is quite easy to use.

Btw, no import fees/tax in Finland, but 24% sales tax that amounted to 119,20 € (and yes, that’s how numerals and monetary units are spelled in this part of Europe, i.e. not €119.20).


State sponsored extortion…just like taxes…but don’t get me started. Lol.

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24%??? I thought we had it bad in Canada at 13%…wow.

I don’t mind 24%. No corruption, I know exactly where my tax money goes. I get a lot living here. Finland is the world’s happiest country for the fourth time (


Are you locked down? Masking and all that?

Something tells me the people of Sweden get a lot more return on investment from their taxes than we Americans do. :crazy_face:
Not sure about Canada.

How it works in Canada under he who shall not be named is…we send all kinds of money (triple our debt in 5 years) beyond our borders (who knows where it goes) and then we are on the hook for it…probably the same in the US.

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