Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

Next thing you know, there will be a new model of Librem 5. Maybe they’ll call it something like ‘Librem 5 USA Plus’. The new ‘Plus’ model will be advertised as less than a thirty day shipping time (sound familiar?). And those poor suckered who only have a Librem 5 USA? Well, it’s been a hundred and fifty days now already. Why not add another year or two to that number? Besides, there is no time or money to ship out all of those Librem 5 USA orders. Purism has already spent that money too. All efforts need to go in to those who order the newer ‘Plus’ model now. If they’ll do it with you, they’ll do it to you. As soon as Purism offered to put newer Librem 5 orders in front of older Librem 5 orders (the reason doesn’t matter), everyone involved should have called foul instead of paying more for the privilege of cutting in line. It’ll be interesting to see how long this scheme can continue before a government somewhere puts a stop to it.

Pine64 has announced and put out like 3 different phones, a couple tablets, and a laptop before purism put a phone out

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They have! At this point, I feel that resources like this are topical:

That’s…not an example of irony. Irony is the opposite of what you would expect to happen, happening. “Ordering earlier gets you stuff earlier” is not a reversal of expectations.

Now, the fact that purchasing the Librem 5 USA allows you to get the phone (for an inflated price) before the crowdfunding backers have all received their phones? That’s irony.

The crowdfunding backers and early customers have a choice - pay more and get the phone earlier, or wait and get the phone at no extra charge.

Do you imply that Purism is lying about the L5 USA being assembled from USA-made parts?

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I know it’s hard and disappointing to wait so long for the shipping, but it’s not helpful to complain about it. It would be more helpful to stay focused on the purpose of the thread and only to post confirmed shipping or delivery dates or other facts, which help us to estimate the shipping date of remaining shippings :slight_smile:


I am probably way to impatient, but is there data available to upgrade the graph up top?


At the moment it seems that the graph is suggesting some sort of time travel :grin:
Latest notifications that have been in the forum seem to be there.

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When I made my ore-order, there was no such thing as a Librem 5 USA. By moving others to the front of the line who paid more than I paid, Purism changed my deal with them without my permission. I get my phone later than I otherwise would get it, because of a deal that Purism made with someone else. How is that good faith on Purism’s part? To get my phone when I would have gotten it, I would have to pay Purism to move me to the front of the line ahead of others who did not pay extra to cut in line.

Well, officially the L5 USA is made of components sourced within the US. So it creates a new line of customers without affecting the regular L5 line.

Moreover, if some fool from the regular L5 line chooses to upgrade to the L5 USA (in the hope to get the bloody “in stock” thing within the “estimated” 90-day frame — like I hoped), then they release their place in the regular L5 line, so, in, theory, that only makes you get your phone sooner.


On the other hand, Purism’s spending on L5 development exceeded planned limits. This happens with new developments. In addition, there was a force majeure - a pandemic. Since Purism is not a technological monster with unlimited financial resources, it was forced to look for a way to ensure the fulfillment of early orders for L5 at a constant price. That’s why new L5 customers pay more, but they also get their phones earlier - it’s a bonus for agreeing to pay more. I can understand the dissatisfaction of those who paid earlier and less, but, as I said, they have a choice. To each his own.

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So let’s say that you are a contractor who builds houses. Someone gives you a down payment to build them a home and you agree to go to work on their new home right away. But then the job is costing you more than you thought it would cost to complete, and you have already spent the down payment money they gave you after you barely completed laying the foundation. But you have to eat. So you put that job on hold and accept a new job, and accept a new down payment for that new job. After that foundation on this second home has been laid you run out of money again, and start yet a third job. This cycle continues hundreds of times.

Eventually, hundreds of people have ruined plans and financial losses because years have passed and the same contractor has taken their money and left them all with their money and property tied up and useless to them. Eventually, the government freezes all funds in the contractor’s bank accounts and suspends the contractor’s business license. At this point, the contractor is prohibited by law from doing any more business until he provides the prosecuting government agencies with a feasible plan to satisfy the contractor’s existing customers who have already waited for years. The plan must be approved before the contractor is allowed to do more business. And the contractor is compelled by law to follow only that approved plan. If the contractor did not violate any laws, he still has to follow the approved plan or go bankrupt. Only one of those two choices exist if no laws were broken and the claims against the contractor are all only civil lawsuits.

But… if any laws were broken, the contractor goes to prison, likely for a long time. Has Purism violated any SEC laws?, any Truth in Advertising laws?, any Anti-Trust laws? Are all of Purism’s new investors ‘qualified investors’? If/when a government believes that you are taking advantage of large numbers of people and delivering little to nothing, they investigate. If you’ve broken any laws that they can prove, you’re probably going to prison. And it’s not about how you justify things in your own mind. It’s not about only the laws that you know about. It only has to do with what the prosecutor find and can convince a jury about, with respect to which statutes were broken and how your actions fit the criteria of the statutes. Basically, if you take money from a lot of people and deliver nothing to them over a period of years, people want to make somebody pay a price. If the scheme collapses before you can find a way to pay everyone, bad things typically happen. Try not to forget about this. Even in a pandemic, criminal laws can be broken and prosecuted, especially if you’ve pissed off enough people who have all lost their money.


The ignore flag for some users doesn’t seem to work, so the best to do is flag the posts as off-topic.

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This is passive-aggressive as hell. I get being critical, and I didn’t remove your previous post when it was marked as off-topic, but I have to ask you to stop before continuing down this road. And it would be nice if you could edit your post to remove the passive agression.


In case it wasn’t mentioned, it looks like purisms lead time is based on the availability of cpu’s (i think they also mentioned that in some outgoing emails). It doesn’t look like anything will change anytime soon, because NXP, the company that produces the i.mx8 cpu that goes into the librem 5 still hasn’t gotten round to replenish their stock. shows the estimated lead time for any of their i.mx8 cpu’s, and they say " * Lead Time: 52". NXP’s website has said that for weeks already, which makes me think like it’s just some kind of maximum value they put on there, and it’ll stay at 52 weeks for the first few weeks to come. There’s been no update on when that might change, or what the current status of their production is.


Purism has better software. That takes a lot of time.

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I hate to spoil a good discussion. But given, that this thread is about tracking the L5 shipments, I really would like all of that banter to happen in some other track. I am following this one to get notified about new shipments but I don’t really need/want to listen to the frustrated venting that is going on.


I ordered in August and checking last week, it still said “to be decided”… -_-

Please see: