Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

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Saw in Librem Chat that shipping has started again. Hopefully we see more entries here soon. :slight_smile:


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I have the final answer. They had 1160 units in this load. Each box is 10 pieces and each one is labeled with an x/116 carton #.


Posting this for a friend of mine who doesn’t have a forum account. I didn’t see a separate Librem 5 USA shipping thread, so dropping it here.

Librem 5 USA
Ordered Librem 5: 9/21/2019
Upgraded to Librem 5 USA: 5/21/2021
Address Confirmation: 10/5/2021
Shipping Tracking Number: 1/26/2022
Received: 1/31/2022


It does look like you got jumped ahead of me in the Librem 5 USA queue. I was in batch dogwood and when I switched that should have been honored.

I just a few days ago got an email from them claiming they finally had all the parts needed to make a major manufacturing run of Librem 5 USAs and would likely start banging them out in early February. I would hope mine would be among the first of them.


Yeah, I don’t know all the details. My friend shared some pictures of the phone with me today :slight_smile:. It looks nice!

I’m in the regular L-5 line, so I figure I have some more waiting to do.

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Is this new batch of Librem 5 come with new wlan chipset-AP6275S like wifi 6?

WiFi/BT is on an M.2 card. Is there any reason to think that the vendor of that card has changed the chipset?

Regardless, changing the card at this point would seem to create additional integration, testing and support risk.

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It is diferent vendor, as you know the current chipset redpine signal it having too much problem on wlan and wpan and save-power, so the L5 with purism can ship newer chipset, to improvement everything…
As far i know the chipset-AP6275S it already enabled on the L5 kernel time ago.
Look this picture on top right:


One of my phones currently has a different WiFi module mounted indeed, but at this moment there’s no change when it comes to shipped devices.


Thank you. Please tell us how that chipset works unlike the redpine signal? will Purism sell this chipset in the future?

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It’s way too early to say anything, it’s best to ignore it for now until some decisions are actually made :wink:


Great. Thanks.

I forgot something, do you know how to check the pcb-revision number on Librem 5?
At few months ago i see Eric kuzmenko updating the revisions of L5, but I do not know what revision number my Evergreen it is…it is somewhere?

Until now, only v1.0.2 and v1.0.3 Evergreens have ever been shipped, and IIRC these two differ only with some minor layout changes to make production easier (schematics are exactly the same).

I believe the PCB version should be also printed on its silkscreen.


You are right. So my 1300 was close estimated.


Any comments on the v1.0.6 Evergreen?