Purism_[XXXXXXXXXX] Update for L5 Deliveries: Marching Ahead

The following email was sent March 4th. The batch of ~1160 on pallets in a picture that was shared elsewhere has been fully processed.

Dear [Name on order],

Thank you so much for your patience as we overcome the CPU shortages. As we are able to source components, in particular CPUs, we are manufacturing new batches of Librem 5s. We just completed a new large batch. We have already started contacting the next customers in the queue for their updated shipping address. We expect to fulfill a lot of Librem 5 orders in the next few months.

We are dedicated to fulfilling all of our orders as soon as we can. While we already have large CPU orders in place with a longer lead time, we also continue to spot buy CPUs as they show up on the market, and the current outlook seems better for our CPU supply than in the past. In addition to contacting customers as their order comes up, we are working to calculate accurate shipping estimates for the rest of the orders we can fulfill with our current batch.

In the coming weeks we intend on updating the order status on our shop for customers who will be part of the current large batch. Once we complete updating this status we will send out a new email to those Librem 5 customers so they can check their own status. We thank you for your support as we continue to innovate on software to advance the mobile free software ecosystem.

Thank you!

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“we are working to calculate accurate shipping estimates for the rest of the orders we can fulfill”

this calculation is not dependent on others, lies solely with purism. the mail is from 2 weeks ago.

“Once we complete updating this status we will send out a new email to those Librem 5 customers so they can check their own status.”

has anyone received such an email?

I’m a pretty harsh critic of purisms previous estimates, however I think your assertion is misguided or misinformed.

Purism is dependent on other vendors providing parts before they can be assembled. This is nothing new nor a surprise. Purism choosing to withhold the estimated timeline until they have accurate information instead of providing a best guess as they have in the past then being stung by delays from their vendors is arguably an improvement in communication from them.

No, and while I would like a timeline on when to expect the next communication I can understand the reluctance to say that they will provide an update by X date even if that update is “we’re still waiting on our vendors” as there are some people who will spin that as “omg the sky is falling”. Being silent during these times is rough but does seem to be becoming the standard.

May be i understand it wrong, but CPU orders even with lead time are calculable, aren’t they? therefore my question if anyone has received a status update. Or do we receive the status update when the devices are build and ready to ship? i agree with you when you only consider the spot market.

Not yet, I’m in your situation too.

They’re estimates, which are often misinterpreted as promises.

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On the up side, they seem to have picked up the pace quite a bit lately: Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

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Not exactly, CPU orders that haven’t been produced, much less shipped, are roughly calculate by the manufacturer, but if they screw up on their estimates or otherwise change the ETA given to Purism all anyone here sees is Purism change the estimated shipping date, again, yet it was through no fault of their own since they can’t do anything about the supply not being delivered within the estimated window.

And being as I have personal experience with other companies using the same CPU I am very confident that the lead times provided to Purism even if doubled aren’t consistently going to be met right now so Purism can’t even reliably take the estimate from their vendor and double it to set an expectation to us. They’re pretty much stuck until taking possession if they want to provide accurate estimates. This is just an unfortunate state of the industry at the moment and isn’t limited to Purism by any means.

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Thank you for the clarification. Send my expectations back into deep sleep.

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At least there’s life!