Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

Man, I hope it speeds up, otherwise tracking the current speed, it’ll be more than a year until 2019 orders. You could of had a kid and sent them off to elementary school in that time. Feel bad for the people who’ve been waiting even longer.


Now we’re there :wink:

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It’s not linear. The main burst of orders was up to and including orders placed in October 2017. So October 2017 is like treacle. As orders slowed down after October 2017, fulfillment of orders will speed up (as far as this perspective goes).

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Well I hope they speed up :slight_smile:

My order was on December 3, 2017 and they say I will be receiving it Quarter 1 2022 so live in hope - esp as my
current phone is dying :frowning:


At several points there have been countdowns to arbitrary delivery estimates with… known results, so I’d advice not to get too attached to those. Or you may end up doing something like switching to julianic calendar or chinese lunar callendar just to move the definition of “Q1” :slight_smile:

They come in batches, not at steady pace, but they seem to be coming…


I’m getting very excited :slight_smile:

Order date: 2017-10-25
Shipping questionaire: 2022-02-21
Shipping Tracking Number: 2022-03-01
Received: 2022-03-07

To sum up this thread started by myself on 2020-12-16 as I was frustrated about the communication on shipping of the phones.

I’m still a bit impressed how well this thread has developed since then: over 40k views (the most in the forum), almost 700 replies, around 70 shipments tracked. I think there is no doubt that crowd-sourcing can provide valuable data to the people :slight_smile:


Well done! Best thread ever :slight_smile:

I hope others will keep posting info here so we can follow how shipping continues.


So we’re almost done in 2017. Close to 3000 devices that got ordered in 2 month crowd funding are send by Purism. Around 200 devices left until 2017 is full filled. Going through 2018 will be a lot faster since there are only 1/3 orders compared to 2017. As far as we know, Purism should have enough devices to ship orders until summer 2018.

Finally I can post here! :smile:

Order date: 2017-10-23
Shipping questionaire: (not received, handled by João, thanks!)
Shipped: 2022-03-01
Received: 2022-??-??


“summer 2018” Have we confirmed that people up to this date have 1st quarter 2022 ship estimates?

We have confirmed that shipping continues for around the last month and started with between 2600-2800 devices already shipped. If we start calculation with 2600 and add the new 1160 that will be shipped (as i linked in my last post), that we are at around 3700 devices. That’s even late summer.

But we don’t know numbers exactly, that’s why I don’t write more accurate with concrete month. It’s better to think conservative (less devices will be shipped) to be happy later, if even more L5 got shipped.

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Here’s my thinking. Anyone who got a 1st quarter 2022 shipping estimate already has a CPU allocated; those with a TBD estimate don’t have a CPU allocated. This is why I’m wondering about the latest order date for 1st quarter 2022 estimates.

Order Date: November 24, 2018
Estimated Shipping Date: Librem 5 - 1st Quarter 2022

Haven’t heard a peep from Purism - for about the last half month I’ve been slowly accepting that they’re going to miss the 2022 Q1 shipping estimate.

I’ve thought about reaching out to them since I have a Q1 estimate but haven’t heard anything yet.

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That’s my understanding as well.


Today received my Librem-5 ordered Oct 21, 2017
Confirmation mail was one week ago.


I’m assuming many of you also received the email overnight from Purism outlining some optimism with regard to their sourcing of cpu’s?

Most likely a pep talk but a welcome sign


Yup, but I ordered Jan, 2019 so I still have a decent wait.

I just received this today and thought this might interest you. My order is still TBD but will be checking it later.

Dear xxx,

Thank you so much for your patience as we overcome the CPU shortages. As we are able to source components, in particular CPUs, we are manufacturing new batches of Librem 5s. We just completed a new large batch. We have already started contacting the next customers in the queue for their updated shipping address. We expect to fulfill a lot of Librem 5 orders in the next few months.

We are dedicated to fulfilling all of our orders as soon as we can. While we already have large CPU orders in place with a longer lead time, we also continue to spot buy CPUs as they show up on the market, and the current outlook seems better for our CPU supply than in the past. In addition to contacting customers as their order comes up, we are working to calculate accurate shipping estimates for the rest of the orders we can fulfill with our current batch.

In the coming weeks we intend on updating the order status on our shop for customers who will be part of the current large batch. Once we complete updating this status we will send out a new email to those Librem 5 customers so they can check their own status. We thank you for your support as we continue to innovate on software to advance the mobile free software ecosystem.

Thank you!

January 2019 order.


Yeah, got the same email. I appreciate the communications. It does sound like things are continuing to shake loose.

I’m in the Q1 2022 group. not expecting it by end of March though. But, hopefully it isn’t too much further out, maybe in April ?! :slight_smile:


Isn’t there a second large batch too that was referenced here, Reddit, Twitter, or Mastodon?