Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

I don’t think we reached July 2018.
I ordered March 21, 2018 still “Awaiting Shipment”

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You messed it up heavyjoe.

tendays had the Order-Date: April 7, 2018 and just got his Phone on 14th June 2022.

And the Graph is still below 1. May 2018, The Blue Line is on the left Side, just the Order-Number 3333. June 15, was just the tracking date of the parcel.

Hope you’ll get your phone soon. When the next big pile of cpus arrive, i hope we will rush through 2018 and 2019 fast. Cause there was in sum less orders then 2017. But right now its not sure if purism got the ordered parts (in time!), due to hiccups of the supply and chain, logistics and so on…


Nahh, we do have one outlier with an order date of 2018-07-30 which was received on 2022-05-17. However, it seems it was just that, an outlier, the latest earlier confirmed date is indeed from April 7, 2018.


IIRC the prices went up in multiple steps in 2019. That may have caused cummulations of orders around that points in time.

But I don’t think in an amount like 2017. If 1000 people bought in 2018, then it could be nearly same amount in 2019. You are right that such steps cumulative orders, but directly after such steps the amount of orders should be lower than average.

Okay, this FourYearLongLurker popping up for his two cents:
Order Date L5 EU: 12 April 2018
Email purism asking me to update my data: 13 June 2022
Current Order Status in my account: Awaiting Shipment (No date)

Is it really time to say goodbye to my old dumb Nokia and paper agenda and notebook ?


Ordered: 2017-10-21
Received: 2022-06-28

I’ve been out of the loop and didn’t realize I would have to remind purism to send me my phone. I thought they’d just send it when they reached my place in the queue.

Oh well. After I sent them an email asking where my phone was I received it within a week.


That’s a little disturbing. So if you don’t remind them they will just skip over you?

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Nah, but address confirmation emails have been known to end up in spam filters, email addresses have changed within four years without updating the purism order address, …
I don’t know how often they try to reach you.


None of these apply in my case (I run my own email server and check my spam weekly in order to train my spamassassin filter).

I suspect it’s a case of squeaky wheels getting the grease (or phones, as It were).

Never, in my experience.

Just out of morbid curiosity I emailed Purism support and here is the reply I got (I ordered Jan. 2019):

Depending on part availability to be confirmed we expect to reach your
place in the pre-order queue by late Q3 2022/early Q4 2022, otherwise
this might slip to mid Q2 2023 at the latest.

For more information you can check out the post linked below (we have
since resumed shipping the Librem 5 evergreen batch but manufacturing is
still going slowly due to limited part availability)

Our apologies for the long wait, thank you for your support and your

Kind regards,

João Fonseca
Support technician
Purism SPC


Mid Q2 2023? Oof…

Does the estimate of mid q2 2023 have anything to do with the prediction of NXP saying that’s when they hope to have a grip on the current chip shortage? Is there any indication purism has sent out phones beyond ones from the batch of 1160 phones they’ve a picture of all the way back in Januari?

I think Q2/23 is a healthy 1/2 year safety margin. As we’ve seen, it’s prudent to add a little leeway in the vague not-set-in-stone predictions for the next pandemic due to a nuclear asteroid that causes a global flood and zombies (or that NXP thing). Hope for that Q4, but don’t be surprised if that turns into Q1 or Q2. That would still be about 1+ year faster than what it’s been lately.

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Order Date: August 9, 2018

Today I got the ‘preparing to ship’ e-mail. Will update when I get the shipping notification.


Ordered August 15th 2018. Got same email. Will update when received


I now estimate the shipping of the Librem 5 phone I purchased in Oct 2018 as NEVER. Steve Cortez announced on Steve Bannon’s Warroom today the results of a nation-wide survey of ~6,000 small businesses. 1/3 did not pay their rent in June. 50% expect to close up shop in the next 6 months. Follow this through to commercial real estate and the banks that loan to them. It’s over. The line was too long to make it to then end before the can that has been kicked since before 2008 hit the end of the road. At least I can find peace in the certainty this coming reality brings with it re: the Librem 5.

Unless you have concrete data about Purism, 50% is the probability of a coin flip. So what you’re saying is that according to a coin flip, you have certainty about Librem 5. I guess I’ve seen worse sources of information, but this is pretty bad :stuck_out_tongue:


The claim is shonkier than a coin flip because it also depends on whether “close up shop in the next 6 months” occurs before or after shipping of an order placed Oct 2018 (when we can already see phones shipping for orders placed August 2018) i.e. even if “close up shop in the next 6 months” were to occur.

Also any survey based on (informed) expectations about the future carries with it inherent uncertainty.

A very very speculative claim.

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