Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

Maybe that person was confused about their own order date; it has happened before. (They also didn’t say whether it was an L5 or an L5USA, although I suspect it’s the L5.)

In any case, I would regularly check my spam folder if I were you. :wink:

Seems like a batch is shipping now, so maybe your email is also on its way.


Mine also said that until well within April. Just checked again, it no longer gives me a shipping estimate on the order page. Order date is in October though, so I’ll be waiting a bit longer than you, if the world is still a fair place… :joy:

Dang, I was just getting my hopes up… :cry:

To estimate your queue number:

Compare your order date to the dates in the chart at the top of this thread, which are collected from preserved snapshots of various dates of Purism’s L5 campaign on the Web Archive.

Your number will only be an estimate, but fairly close to reality.

Librem 5

Order Date: March 1, 2018
Shipping Email: May 12, 2022
Ordered AweSIM/SIMple: No
Ordered Accessories: Yes
Shipped Date: May 19, 2022
Received Date: May 23, 2022
Shipping Address: USA
Shipping Company: FedEX
Need to sign for package: Yes
Worth it: Yes

I was unable to track the shipment on the FedEX site. Every time I checked, the page would load just fine but display this:

Unfortunately we are unable to retrieve your tracking results at this time. Please try again later.

I tried LibreWolf and Firefox-ESR, enabled javascript, and even unblocked everything except google (it was trying to load fonts.googleapis) using uBlock Origin. I also tried using a Windows 10 user-agent. There are no other extensions that would cause any issues, and it has only been a year or so since I tracked a different order on FedEX with this same setup. I’m guessing that FedEX now requires google not be blocked or something similar. But whatever, I received my Librem 5 anyway, and it works fine so far.

This reddit post from a person claiming to be a Librem 5 customer says that they asked for a shipping update (a week ago) and received this:

At the moment we are fulfilling our backlogged pre-orders from 2018. Backlog from late 2018, 2019, 2020, and orders from 2021 most likely will not be fulfilled until later this year or early next year. We are really sorry for the long wait, we assure you we’re doing everything to ensure larger amount to be produced.


I like how this was snuck in there.



Long time lurker first time poster! I wanted to toss my info into the ring now that I have received my Librem 5.

Order date: 7/30/2018
Received: 5/17/2022

I did receive an email asking me to confirm my address before shipping and I think it was a window of time to respond, I would assume to not just have a perfectly good phone sitting there that could go to others that are waiting for it. If anyone has ordered before me I would reach out to support to see about getting yours.


Wow, that’s incredibly depressing. But thanks for the info.

updated chart, guestimating the number of shipped devices from the surrounding dates.
You got a L5 that you ordered in July 2018? That seems quite some jump in order time given the latest data point. Was that a L5 USA or some other special case, or have we really reached July 2018? (even that would still make for some depressing lead times :-))


Depending on you expectations, it can be depressing or reassuring :wink:


True! Slow and steady wins the race! Progress of any kind is welcome :]

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My concern is that for some reason the chip goes EOL and they cannot fulfil the rest of the orders. The longer it goes the more likely that is to happen.

Part of the logic of using an automotive chip could be to reduce the likelihood of an EOL issue. Cars are expected to have much longer lifetimes than your typical throwaway Android phone. Automotive is second only to the military in that respect.


That is a good point, thanks for pointing that out. I’m just super anxious to get my hands on mine.

Apparently, NXP promises 15 years of production for the i.MX 8M series as reported by amosbatto in this post :


Ah thanks for digging that out for me.

FWIW we do appear to be 5 years into that 15 year cycle.

Hopefully I’ll have at least 5 years with my phone before the chip is EOL…jk…don’t @ me it’s a joke.


Since we’re starting to see orders into 2018 now being fulfilled, I was curious if anyone has seen their delivery estimate go from TBD to an actual upcoming quarter. For reference, I ordered in July 2019, still TBD.


May 2019 TBD. I don’t expect this to change until at least Q3 of this year from what I’ve seen in this topic.

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I haven’t seen a change in status and I ordered in January 2019. Still TBD.

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