Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

order date : October 17, 2017
address/modem confirmation mail: not yet
tracking number mail: obviously not
arrival date: obviously not
E-mail sent to be updated: 5th October 2021
Answer received the same day: shipment date?
‘we believe we will be able to ship your phone within next 2-3 months’
…after 4 years telling how cool is the L5 phone project, I am the laughing stock of friends…


IMHO all this complain and rand will lead to nowhere. The existing chip crisis is not the fault of Purism. In my country, Germany, even car makers like VW have to close factories due to not getting the needed chips.

I also have had to wait four years for my L5, and would have waited four years more if necessary. Said this, just wait in calm or sell your place in the queue to folks behind you.

I know, that this post could provoke a shit storm, but it is the simple truth.


I’m sorry, I really feel for you MV71 – this is a real image problem for Purism too, because it undercuts their best word of mouth. I bragged to nobody, because no one I know particularly cares and they’ve all heard me rant before. My wife laughed every time my shipment got postponed, but I can handle that :wink:


Dear ‘guru’,
your post and conclusions are based on your totally wrong personal assumptions, at least in my case. At leas you have misunderstood the sense of my post.

  • First of all I know very well the general shortage situation. My ‘micro company’ produces also dive computers.
  • I don’t need to live in Germany to know the problems of VW. Coincidently my car is a VW and I know the general situation in the automotive market: the problem is not ‘confined’ in electronics components but also in raw material like steel, brass etc…
  • if anyone try to buy a bike today he’ll face the same problem;
  • I know very well the ‘titanic’ challenge that the project of Librem 5 means, in particular in a market controlled by a duopoly.
    An d I suppose that the majority of people that joined this ‘bet’ are aware of all this.
    The ‘problems’ are others: considering all this for me is simply ‘unthinkable’ how the comunication/updates have been managed considering also the fact that the final cpu was decided before the pandemic.
    So please avoid to give others ‘suggestion’ about what to do; we have still some ‘free space’ in this world and what is most common to people that joined the Librem 5 project is probably the fact to be free to think and to express their opinion without be tracked every second of day or someone that say how to act.
    Have a good day

Thanks ecs for your message. For sure I don’t give up. I started to use an ‘alternative’ phone years ago: the first BQ Aquaris Ubuntu Touch version; and now a Volla phone. But the goal is still the Librem5 :wink:


For me it is not just my (lovely) wife, but my kids as well. And by the time I can actually show them the Librem 5 they will ROTFL as not only it comes from the past but looks like it too.


[quote=“ookhoi, post:425, topic:11272, full:true”]

Finally, I received my Librem 5 this week, so I proved all people wrong that said that I would never receive it. The problem that I have now is that I cannot use it because the lack of working Signal. It took me a lot of dedication to convert my contacts to Signal, now they can laugh because I have a FOSS phone that does not support the Signal messenger that I recommended for years. But, I assured them that this will be addressed as well over time. But yeah, how long will it take? It’s a pity I cannot use the Librem 5 as a daily driver because of that yet.


I’m really happy for you. Have a great fun with your Librem 5 :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:


Just to fill a date gap in the list:

order date : October 8, 2017
address/modem confirmation mail : September 27, 2021
tracking number mail : October 4, 2021
arrival date : October 7, 2021

ONE days short of 4 years.


But there is a desktop version, can’t we use that?


One more for the list - received in EU

order date : October 7, 2017
address/modem confirmation mail : September 27, 2021
tracking number mail : October 6, 2021
arrival date : October 8, 2021

Now trying to find out what I can make it do that improves my life.


Last ones receiving it ordered October 8, 2017 hope I can get mine shortly.

order date : October 15, 2017
address/modem confirmation mail : not received
tracking number mail : unknow
arrival date : unknow

Thanks everybody for the data points, I took the liberty to remove an address confirmation mail from the table (we track when actual shipping starts), and updated the chart in the first post too. It seems within the last 3 weeks (<-- updated) around 400 devices have been shipped, if the data are somewhat correct (no guarantee though :-)).


You can make it do less than your former smartphone.


Tony adds a data point in the room:
Ordered: 2017-10-08 (matrix msg)
Shipment: Oct 1 2021 (matrix msg)
Received: Oct 7 2021


:smiley: out of the box it can already do less. Less leaking of data too :stuck_out_tongue:

now I also need to find out how to make it do some things I want. It feels like early days of linux: information scattered and a lot is possible once you find “the way”. I guess it is part of the fun journey

so I hope the exponential growth of users will help development. The graph is looking promising


1317,5 - now we need find that one customer, who got half of his ordered phone…


I just knew somebody would comment on that number :-).


I’m a bit late, but the more data the merrier. I did opt for Evergreen even though I was scheduled for Dogwood.

order date : September 17, 2017
address/modem confirmation mail : Nov 12, 2020
tracking number mail : November 18, 2020
arrival date : November 27, 2020


Received my phone today in the EU

order date: October 7, 2017
address/modem confirmation mail: September 27, 2021
tracking number mail : October 6, 2021
arrival date: October 12, 2021