Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

Yes, got that, thank you. I have also replied to that within approximately 30 minutes of receiving it with what is hopefully a final followup question.

Apologies to all for the thread tangent.

Hi everyone, there was a nice email from Purism today about the shipping status. I posted to another thread on my status there along with some of my other thoughts.

But, here is the jist of my order status based on Purism’s new communications approach:

Order date: Sept 29, 2018
Estimated Shipping Date: Librem 5 - 1st Quarter 2022

This is what I was expecting / hoping, so that is cool! I realize it is still subject to change, but hopefully it is a good sign.


Okay, a little calculation based on your info:
Let’s take “1st Quarter 2022” to mean the end of March 2022, that is about five months from now.
From the table at the top of this thread, about 2500 phones have shipped now, and your place in the line (Sept 29, 2018) means you are roughly at number 3900.
So, it looks like the estimate is that about 1400 phones are to be shipped in the next five months. Something like 280 phones per month, or 70 phones per week.
Or 10 phones per day, or one phone every couple of hours.

Is Todd still writing one of those hand-written notes for each one? :slight_smile:


This is what my order says as well (order date 20 October 2017). Does this mean that I need to contact Purism in order for them to progress with my order? If not, I’m happy to wait until I get the address/modem confirmation e-mail.

I only have a single data point (my own order) to go on so I couldn’t say with any certainty what it may mean.

From my own order and the limited information I have I would say there is a good possibility that your order may have been overlooked.

It says “contact support for more information” so it would think it perfectly reasonable to contact support with a request for information. If nothing else it should ensure that your order gets bumped back on their radar if it has been overlooked. Be aware however, support have not been particularly responsive to my mails so don’t be surprised if you don’t receive a response.

Are you sure on the date? My order from 23rd Oct 2017, details below, show; Estimated Shipping as 1st Quarter 2022

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Yes, that’s what shows up when I view the order. Also, I still have the original acknowledgement e-mail. IIRC I backed on the last day of the initial campaign, so your order may be in a different group, although I might be wrong about that.

This is probably a good time to remind people to check their spam folders, if they think they should have received a communication by now but haven’t.

(Just to state the obvious.)

Makes no sense that everyone is posting the mail with “shipping 1st quarter 2022” since everything can be changed until 2022. Would like to know real shipping dates like before.


AFAIK “please contact support” usually (although not sure if always) means “about now” (could signalize things like “e-mail bounced” or “pre-shipping mail not sent by mistake”). Orders with no estimation known yet show a different message.


Purism : After a long arduous journey it is our pleasure to announce #FIRBATCH will begin to ship 3rd quarter of this year 2167 !!!

Me : already been dead 100 years :rofl: :rofl: :joy:


There is no estimation line for my L5 USA order placed on 5 July 2021 :grimacing:

I don’t think they put those on the USA orders, mine doesn’t have one either.

And today I’ve got it! Yaay!

Estimated delivery on Monday, but delivered today. I can’t complain about that!

First impressions is that it isn’t as clumsy as the images I have seen earlier made the impression of. Now I just need to get a mobile network nano-SIM card to start using it.


What was the order date for you, September 2017 or October 2017? Or is it Librem 5 USA?




And now my order is updated with shipping information:

Order: October 20, 2017
Address/modem email: October 25, 2021
Shipped: 11/5/2021

Eagerly awaiting it’s arrival.


Yeah, as @twiclo says - October 20, 2017… Standard Librem 5, non-USA.

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The graph at the top hasn’t been updated in two weeks. Why is that?

As a former top-of-the-thread list maintainer, I’d like to remind everyone that @spaetz is a volunteer and under no obligation whatsoever to post updates. Thanks Sebastian, your effort is appreciated!


Yes, real life has the tendency to intrude :slight_smile: (and those pesky family members demand attention). I’ll see if I can update in a few hours. But for the record, if I get to update the chart every two weeks, I consider my work done :wink:

And updated. That little backwards tick at the end is an earlier delivery of a device ordered later, I decided to keep it in.