Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

purism: Hello guys, we could gather all the components for another batch over #x devices. orders up to xx.xx.xxxx will be delivered by xx.xx.xxxx. and then comes… we expect xyz for the future.


That level of detail can be used to calculate accurate sales numbers which Purism has said on several occasions they do not wish to disclose and as such intentionally obfuscate. The best we’ve got and are likely to get is tracking by date ourselves ( see the first post in this thread for the best tracking effort ).

While I agree it would be nice to have better communication from purist, this isn’t the thread for that conversation.

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I think it needs a different management.

It also depends on how quickly you respond to the necessary email, or indeed whether you respond at all (email address changed in intervening years / eaten by anti-spam / …).

It also depends on where the devices are going. It also depends on customs delays in the destination country (which then also depends on the customer).

So it isn’t possible for Purism to give an order date range or a delivery date.



It gives a rough idea of where things are up to.

The only definitive indication is receiving the relevant emails from Purism.

That announcement would lead to a level of commitment which would lead to yet another major shitstorm if something prevented that plan from happening. So I doubt we’ll see that (and I understand them, given the past)


Something related to pass the time while waiting: (updates)


correction to:
orders up to xx.xx.xxxx will be dispatched by xx.xx.xxxx.

in other words, the devices are ready for shipping.
that level of commitment is commonly the norm!

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Yes, for those orders where purism can estimate shipping dates, it already does so in your order web view, or so I hear. But I am not purism and this thread is for community tracking ACTUAL order shipments, so I’ll shut up on that.

New Blog Post: Where Is My Librem 5? – Purism


It’s nice that they have made the order dates of the affected batches public :slight_smile:

From the data we have of September 2018 and begin of October 2018 my “educated” guess is that the batches consist of around 1000 phones.


New update and refresher:
Order Date: August 15th 2018
Shipping Date: August 26 2022

Message of shipment was not Purism itself, but the delivery courier that a package had been shipped to me. Purism may update me later today after they finish with bulk shipping today


Still waiting on my L5 USA but I did order a bunch of accessories in anticipation so that might be causing a slight delay.

My original post was Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

ja …, and where we are is your duty? you’re not getting my point.

Order Date: August 15th 2018
Shipping Date: August 26 2022
(Bonus) Receiving date: August 28 2022, one day earlier than courier listed

Still no update from Purism itself to my inbox that it shipped so lots of people may be in for a fun surprise who ordered around August 2018 and don’t have local couriers set to notify them when packages requiring a signature or proof of id ship to them

Proof for all the Purism haters in Reddit land:


Nice to see you got yours. Not an indication though that they are mass shipping them yet as your order date and shipping date seems to follow the same pattern we’ve seen for the last 6 months or so.

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Not direct proof that the batch 1 of the final 3 batches is now shipping, no, but it aligns with the Aug 22nd blog post that the first batch will be from around September 2018 as my August 2018 has now been fulfilled.

Batch Name Batch Status Order Date Range
E3 Production Run Complete, Shipping in Progress 2018-09 - 2019-02
E4 Production Run Pending 2019-03 - 2020-12
E5 Production Run Pending 2021-01 - Shipping Parity

Wow. I have to admit that I was kind of giving up hope on receiving my L5 this year (ordered in 01/2019) but it might still happen :slight_smile:

The fact that you did not get any notice upfront is not so nice, though - I counted on it as I wanted to add an extra battery and the privacy screen (and I was hoping on an official cover as well, which is why I did not add the extras sooner, but that does not seem to happen…)

It would be great to know whether it is easy to add extras to an existing order or if one has to contact support for that - any experiences ?


I don’t whether that is what @iamauser said though. The comments were about a shipping email. Presumably you still receive the modem confirmation / address confirmation email - and at that time you must order any extras and get the new order linked to the old order.


As part of the original notice that goes out of “we’re preparing to ship, please confirm your address” you can add other products. I myself added a modem that works better for places I travel to so you should be able to add a battery and privacy screen when the original email goes out. That email I got. The we have bundled everything together and actually shipped email hasn’t happened yet even though I now have the phone


Ok but did they confirm your address? I have since moved so I really don’t want my phone getting delivered to my old address.