Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

Check the post that they are “replying” to – it indicates they ordered on 2018-04-12.

This is a bit exciting… I still have not received a tracking email, but if they are processing 2018-04, then 2018-05 should be soon… I feel I cannot wait. :grimacing:


updated chart, you’ll see a bit of zigzag in the end, some May 2018 orders have been shipped and received already, but it seems the strict and nice relationship between order date and ship date is not that strict anymore…


Backing date: 2018-08-05 (Aug 5)
Address verification email: 2022-07-05, 06:48
Purism Will Ship When Ready email: 2022-07-05, 13:55

Edit: this is for a Librum 5


I switched to the USA version, in order to support American electronics manufacturing. My upgrade was on June 17, 2022; I received it today, July 15, 2022.

I’m still playing with it, but it feels like a solid piece of hardware. Nicely done, Purism!


Backing date: 2018-07-02 (Jul 2)
Address verification email: 2022-05-12, 09:23
Purism Shipped: 2022-07-02, 00:16 (Jul 2) to Aus.
Received: 2022-07-07, 9:45 (Jul 7) Only 5 days!?

I didn’t check my email for a month, so I missed the address verification mail. Thankfully I kept my place in the queue. 4 years to the day but it would have been sooner had I actually responded. Wish I never said what I said in that closed thread, but I just kept receiving funding request emails from Todd and it didn’t resonate well after waiting for 3 at that point. Sorry. I like the phone, It’s really very nice. Thank you.


Order Date: August 9, 2018
Address verification email: 2022-07-05
Purism Shipped: 2022-07-21 (to the Netherlands)
Received: 2022-07-26 ??
Tax, customs, etc. (to The Netherlands): 137,25EUR


Order Date: August 9, 2018
Address verification email: 2022-07-05
Purism Shipped: 2022-07-21 (to the Netherlands)
Tax, customs, etc. (to The Netherlands): 137,25EUR
Received: 2022-07-25

First impressions: It will not be my everyday device for the time being. It’s still too buggy for that. For example, the battery is quickly empty and the device becomes (too) hot. But…it can only get better :smiley:


Order Number: #Purism_107…12
Ordered: 07 August 2018
Address verification email: 05 July 2022
Responded: 06 July 2022
Response acknowledged: 06 July 2022
Shipped via DHL: 21 July 2022
Paid customs import bill of GBP 108.32: 22 July 2022
Received: 25 July 2022


Yesterday I reiceived this email from Purism:

Dear XY ,

Thank you all for persevering through the supply chain challenges with us. We continue to solve building a favorable hardware, software, and ecosystem for privacy, freedom and security as a social purpose corporation. Here is a detailed update on how we are continuing to support this journey.

Continuing to Deliver Librem 5s

With the CPU, which is a main component of the Librem 5 phone being available again we are resuming manufacturing of the Librem 5 in China for delivery to all existing orders.

Librem 5 will begin shipping in larger quantities starting in a month or so and continuing throughout the rest of 2022. We have set an internal goal to ship all existing orders before the end of 2022 and are working hard to resolve the remaining supply chain issues and coordinate everything else necessary to hit that goal. We will begin updating more orders on our site with shipping estimates in the coming weeks.

Librem 5 USA to attain shipping parity:

The Librem 5 USA (with Made in USA Electronics at our US facility) will be in-stock and at shipping parity within a week or two.

If a customers order today, their phone will arrive within 30 days, in another week or two the lead time will drop to 10 days. We expect to keep the Librem 5 USA in stock and available going forward.

For those who want to upgrade your Librem 5 order to Librem 5 USA ,please contact us at Our team will issue a coupon code that you can use to upgrade your order.

Building a software ecosystem:

We continue innovating and investing in software is the most expensive part of producing our Librem product line. The millions of software development dollars spent on the Librem 5 running PureOS pushed upstream innovations that all the supporters of Purism should be proud of.

We are hitting near-weekly releases of Purism-authored Phosh (the GUI), Phoc (the Compositor), Squeekboard (the Keyboard), Calls (for calling), Chats (for texting and messaging), and libhandy/libadwaita to make the large swath of existing GTK-based applications adaptive to small screen computing devices.

We look forward to growing with your continued support in the future with new products, new software releases and new services.

Todd Weaver,

Founder & CEO, Purism


Does this mean that purism has a “container” of L5’s coming (left China)? Due to the provocative visit of the speaker woman to Taiwan the delivery from China can stop at any moment and the long wait starts again …

Oh, yeah. I forgot that is is the US fault. :smile:
Taiwan could have told the US “please don’t come” and could join PRC tomorrow if they wanted to. PRC would welcome them.
But guess what, they don’t want to be ruled by a totalitarian regime.

Since the 24th of February, I lost my tolerance for pro-totalitarian and anti-american opinions.


I think that user is just looking for an excuse to complain about Nancy Pelosi.

edit: apparently I’m not intelligent enough to use the quote function properly.

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That would be the hope, right? But I suppose the PLA could always board the container ship and turn it around.

Based on the exact wording used by the Toddster in that email, I would assume that, no, no container has left China. So still vulnerable to geopolitics and the like - except I don’t think that Purism is a big enough target to interest the CCP.

Further discussion of Taiwan, Nancy Pelosi or similar is probably best taken to a new topic in Round Table.

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I don’t care about your political opinion or type of government. I just want my L5 asap. I’m against anything that disturbs the process.

Does anybody needs an excuse to complain about an 82 year old auntie who spends taxpayer money for an expensive photo-op? Never heard from her before …

My interpretation is different, this sentence:

Librem 5 will begin shipping in larger quantities starting in a month or so and continuing throughout the rest of 2022. [ ] We will begin updating more orders on our site with shipping estimates in the coming weeks.

gives the impression that L5 arrived (or soon to be arrived) at purism’s premises. My order date is begin September 2018 and the last one reported ‘received’ got an order date in August 2018. So I’m optimistic. :grinning:


Please move the political discussion to another thread, at least when not directly relevant to the topic of shipping. I’ll move future posts complaining about politics, esp. “aunties” to a new thread, even if they talk about L5 shipping if I have to.


Hi guys,
please proceed posting your shipping info.
the last Librem 5 shipment info is 14 days ago!
also, the last announcement is not convincing me. i heard too many of them. i need your facts.

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Maybe you just misundestood. The announcement was mainly about the L5 USA, they also noted on the L5 “we will start a big increase in our mass-produced Librem 5 shipments in a few weeks”
Thus, I would not expect new info in this thread anytime before September.


first announcement of mass-production i heard back in December 2020. there are only vague announcements and the predictability disappears into a veil. where are we in the queue? is there an official info about it? what to expect, not guessing and hoping! the information policy is annoying. i feel left in the dark.