Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

Don’t think it will have any, DHL will still operate there and you still can’t get rid of VAT

Sometime in the 22nd century my descendants will get my #FIR batch xD


Nosir , I’m in Fir batch .

Do you have any official information (e.g. via PN or E-Mail) from outside that forum concerning shipping estimate for Fir? Roughly? year, quarter of year whatsoever …

You can choose to be postponed to Fir if you don’t want Evergreen.
This option was brought up last year when asked about your preference (Aspen, Birch etc.).

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The only information we have had about Fir is that Purism has not yet started working on it.


I stand so corrected. Please forgive me tor not understanding the topic before posting.


The crowd is grasping at straws trying to answer the crowd’s question of “WHEN WILL I GET MY PHONE?!?!?” as opposed to the crowd patiently accepting the answer “we’ll tell you when we have enough data to do so accurately.”

Wrapping it in a crusade against an assumed offense doesn’t change what it really is.


No , nothing whatsoever . I think it was kyle chimed in with Fir is after evergreen , That being said our sun will one day supernova after evergreen as well so…

I’m hoping for this time next year but who’s to say . In these uncertain times I may not even be alive a year from now . And if I’m not I’m ok with that , my money went to a good cause .

I have heard that if Fir doesn’t happen I will get an Evergreen . But whoever it was from Purism , again I think it was kyle sounded very sure of themselves when they said Fir comes after evergreen so I’m holding out hope here.

And another person reported a Librem 5 arrival.


Choosing Fir means “I have backed the project already, but I’ll pass on the first gen Librem 5 and will wait undefined amount of time for a second generation, whatever it will end up being”. If you’re not ok with that you should probably just switch back to Evergreen, since - as you probably noticed - the only rough shipping estimate we had for Fir is now obviously outdated and so far there haven’t even been a new one announced at all. Of course if you’re okay with that and still have plenty of patience, then feel free to stay on Fir :slight_smile:


Im good with however long it takes. I’m lettin it ride at this point. Either the world ends , I die of mutated covid 23 or I get my V.2 Librem 5 in the next few years lol .


One of the very few here who take patience is a virtue for real. I like that, I wish you the very best while waiting for Fir (which is no real waiting because you don’t actively wait) and stay healthy. :slight_smile:


My Phone arrived on 2020-12-11 (was send to germany, so it took some time)
Order date: 2017 -09-15
(I was in dogwood, due hardware problems in Dogwood I moved to Evergreen)


This sounds promising. My order is from October 7, 2017 (i.e. three weeks later) and I’m in Germany as well. Though, until now I didn’t received the mail asking for address confirmation, etc.


Same, but October 14th. Let’s see who’ll get it first :slight_smile:

Edit: note, however, that (for the two of us) they need to ship about 3-4 times as many phones as have probably arrived so far. Hopefully, it speeds up a bit, soon.


So it took them about 9 days to ship 555-158~=400 phones. From 12/02 to 12/11. If this estimate is approximately correct and their shipping pace stays the same, it will take 22 days to ship 1000 phones. I am at about 2300 so it should take 50 days starting from 12/02. This should bring me to end of January to beginning of February. I can’t wait anymore :upside_down_face:


Strange, that someone not employed by Purism has to work on that. I would expect a company putting “Open” on their agenda transparently communicates that information. I orderer October 3, 2017, hey Purism, what’s the expected delivery date? Where do you stay?


In case you missed it:

This thread is mostly for those who

  • can’t wait for the official estimates in January
  • don’t trust there will actually be estimates in January :wink:
  • still have a dim hope to receive theirs before the end of January :grimacing:

I think its not correct. My dates are the same as 5a54a. (shipping confirmation mail from purism and shipping arrival date)
So you have no idea how fast they proceed or how many devices get send per day. Sorry for that. :upside_down_face: