Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

If we are looking into “technicalities” then Evergreen is the first batch tagged with FCC/CE certification. That certification hasn’t happened yet, so technically no Evergreen has been shipped yet. (they might need to do hardware changes to get the certification - no mass production until then, obviously).

What did they shipped since November? Dogwood+ ?


Little by little these false statements start to get very annoying. I don’t have any clue for FCC but CE for placing it in the EU market is just a self declaration. There are just a few exceptions for dangerous products (not phones) where the product has to be tested by third authorities. As I see you are from Romania, you are from the EU, too. Do you have another information basis than me?

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Should I repeat everything I wrote above, or you’ll read it yourself? @epinez

So no, do not repeat yourself pretty please.


It’s not that I didn’t read your quotes. Your quotes are not wrong per se. But I can’t figure out where Purism did harm these regulations.

Why didn’t you quote the interesting part right after your enumeration of things which Purism did harm in your opinion?:

These 6 steps may differ by product as the conformity assessment procedure varies. Manufacturers must not affix CE marking to products that don’t fall under the scope of one of the directives providing for its affixing.

For products that present higher safety risks such as gas boilers, safety cannot be checked by the manufacturer alone.

  1. What did I read from that? Different specification for different type of products.
  2. Products with high risk are not allowed to be only checked by the manufacturer itself >> Not harmful products can be checked by the manufacturer itself

The conformity declaration does not has to be publicitly available.

Edit: To clarifiy, I’m not sure about the delcaration itself (which could like a 1-page statement) but the underlyimg tests don’t have to be exposed. So I don’t understand your point here.

You may have also a look to the product groups specified by the EU: Electromagnetic compatibility and Radio euipment. I did only scan them shortly but couldn’t find any hint that testing via third authority is mandatory by law.

We could just fill a five-gallon jug with jelly beans and give each person who ordered a Librem 5 a guess at how many jelly beans are in the jug. At this point, I trust that method a little better than the extrapolation method.

I figure that if I am lucky, I might have my Librem 5 sometime in the first quarter of this coming year. Then again maybe sometime in 2022, or not at all. It looks like Purism is doing their best from what I can tell. Whenever my phone arrives, it’ll be a long awaited surprise.


It would be nice to have our Librem 5 sooner rather than later. I am worried that we’ll be making 2G phone calls and having 4G data on the Librem n 5, while everyone else b is using 6G or 7G.


I’ve seen this in Reddit:

I asked them a few days ago. This is the answer I got. (b.t.w. I’m happy with their answer.):
We are now shipping the Librem 5 Evergreen. but we are not shipping all units in one week. We are shipping incrementally. Every week we ship a number of units to backers and contact the backers that will receive their units the following week. At this moment we are shipping to early backers and people that ordered in 2017. Your order is from 2018. I estimate we will contact you regarding the shipping of your order in late Q1 2021.

If that’s true, being from Q2 2019 it seems that I still have, at least, another year and a half until I get contacted. I was really hoping to get it by 2021 now that it was going to be shipped for everyone. I guess my expectations were stupidly high.


You’ll probably be contacted in April 2021. I really don’t see how you come up with “another year and a half”. If you check the Librem 5 shopping page, you’ll there something like order now and it will be delivered in a few months.


@arehandoro welcome in this forum!
Could you provide a link?
2018 as order date is 12 months long, it could be January till December.
Last February they estimated six months for shipping all pre-orders, so they should complete during Q3 2021 considering devices pre-ordered in 2020 too.

I’ve just realized that says late Q1 2021. My brain eliminated the Q1 part… my bad.


Sure, this is the link:


For the easier browsing version:

P.S. Does anybody on Reddit search for answers before posting nonsense? :roll_eyes:


ofc - that modem is a black-box that can be electrically-severed from the L5 by it’s corresponding hw-kill-switch on the side of the chassis.

only free-software/open-source can be ‘tested’ by a third ‘authority’ < hint-hint that’s why we prefer sw that can be audited but since the LAW about radio says different … there you have it :shushing_face:

I ordered Q1 2019. I figure it will be some time before I get mine also, but they are shipping. Between the forums, reddit and Matrix, more people are reporting getting theirs. It sounds like they were all very early backers.

But I am happy it is happening.


I’m happy too :slight_smile:

When exactly, if I may ask?

Who ordered in 2018 is not in this forum, so we cannot know, anyway we know that total orders in 2018 weree less than in 2017.

Ok. Thanks. Now I got it.

I ordered on 2017-09-11 and haven’t yet got the e-mail asking me for the final choices (modem, any accessories, etc.), so I’m pretty sure that it won’t arrive this year. A delay in itself doesn’t bother me, instead I’m more concerned with how much this imminent Brexit crap will affect shipping - I have absolutely no idea what effect that’ll have on sending things to Airstrip One.