Ghosted after refund request, what now?

Yes, you are correct; I did receive the phone and returned it after concluding it wasn’t the value proposition I was expecting.

Also, thank you so much for this response. I had been sending emails asking for updates but was not getting any responses, so just having someone acknowledge me feels good.

I understand you cannot guarantee a disbursement date but consider this progress in the right direction. What would you recommend my course of action be now? I’ll obviously check in on this thread periodically, but beyond that, what are your suggestions?

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Try to sell the device on the open market?


Sure, it takes about 10 months to sell with the Asia modem, based on this recently closed thread:

Just remember to follow the marketplace best practices:

Best for @zenodrake to mention whether it’s the North America, Europe or Asia modem. The first two are probably going to shift more quickly (based on anecdotal observation of this forum, not that this forum is the only way of selling a Librem 5).


My answer is likely not satisfactory and is never the one I want to give, but I’d recommend you give it some time. I cannot go into detail as it involves company financials, but there are several core infrastructure debts which are nearly paid off, which will alleviate a significant amount of weekly overhead costs, allowing Purism more financial bandwidth to provide timely refund requests and order fulfillment.

I know it’s neither your fault nor your responsibility to be so patient regarding your refund, but this is the state of affairs. We’re implementing numerous policies and improvements to ensure that this difficult situation does not repeat in the future.