Forum Guide: Marketplace items


  1. Purchasing or selling Purism products is allowed on this forum only as a convenience to the community, and is not officially endorsed or maintained by Purism.
  2. Purism makes absolutely no guarantee of the validity or reliability of used goods sold here. Purism only provides guarantees and warranties for used/refurbished products sold via
  3. Using this forum for these activities assumes acceptance of the following terms.


When creating a forum topic describing the product(s) placed on the marketplace:

Include the following information in the topic:

  • Category of listing (for sale, free, rent, etc)
  • List everything included
    • power cables? PGP cards?
    • region-specific modem (Librem 5 models)?
    • bonus points: list the physical keyboard layout (if applicable) as buyers may forget to check for this detail
  • Asking price
    • bonus points: state whether the price is negotiable or firm
  • Shipping
    • Are you willing to ship, or is this local pick-up only?
    • The country you are shipping from
    • Where you are willing to ship to (e.g. EU-only, worldwide, etc.)


  • Hijack someone else’s topic with your own ad
  • Post personally-identifiable information within the thread; make arrangements with buyers through private messages


  1. Caveat emptor. Although most forum users are forthcoming, honest, and dependable, they are internet strangers to you in all practical purposes. Please perform due diligence when purchasing anything here, as if you would when purchasing anything from an online anonymous marketplace.

  2. Only post replies to a seller’s marketplace topic regarding the subject of the topic or transaction.

  3. Do not ask excessive questions if you have no interest in making a purchase.

  4. If you suspect anything strange with a transaction:

    • Flag a post for moderation review (if the suspicious/offensive message was posted here)
    • Consult your local authorities as appropriate
    • DO NOT expect assistance from Purism support

Sticky post?


It would only make sense if this was in the Hardware category, or in a dedicated Marketplace category.

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It is not unheard of for posters to include an email address. An email address could be construed as PII.

My own view would be:

  • If this is your normal email address, don’t ever post it.
  • If this is a burner email address created solely for the purpose of selling this one item, it’s OK to post.

Maybe Purism intends to ban the inclusion of an email address unconditionally. If nothing else, Purism can’t really tell whether the email address is a burner unless the poster specifically states that.

It is in general unnecessary to include an email address, provided that forum notifications have been appropriately enabled by the user.

I’m happy either way, just seeking clarification on this point.

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I agree with your bullet points. I think it’s the user’s prerogative to include their email address. I don’t think it’s reasonable to ban posting an email, but it’s highly discouraged for several reasons.


@JCS Could you expand the guide to include re-selling yet-to-be-shipped orders?

This benefits old costumers waiting on refunds and could put discounted librems in the hands of new costumers.

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I’m discussing this approach with the operations team to discuss feasibility of a policy/flowchart to ensure that this can be done correctly with existing tooling, order/service traceability, shipping cost and tax disparities. Stand by for updates.


This thread should be globally pinned.

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