Ghosted after refund request, what now?

Hey everyone,

after a couple of years of waiting for my phone, I eventually ended up asking for a refund. That was 7 months ago, in the meantime purism will not respond to emails after that request. Is anyone else here in the same boat? Is there any way to contact purism other then email for a follow up on the refund?

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Some others in the same boat can be found in this thread, I think:

As for ways to contact Purism, I think it is worth to send another email, and if no reply send a third email. Also might be worth sending from another email address, in case there is some issue with email delivery or getting sorted as spam or something. You can also try asking in Purism’s matrix chat rooms, see Community


I think, after 7 months, this may finally be solved :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestions, purism seems to no longer give refunds.

I hope, now that Purism has achieved shipping parity, the refund issue will be resolved soon for all involved. I love the L5 and all that Purism is doing for it, but the refund thing is no bueno. :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


Hablas español?

Solved in what way? Did you finally get your refund?

So you did not get a refund? What happened, and what do you mean? :slight_smile:


Poquito… no con facilidad.

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No, actually i got an email back, after my refund request, indicating that purism no longer gives refunds for the librem 5. They linked to Can I get a refund on my Librem 5 campaign order – Purism as further justification for this.
TLDR: the money is spent on developing the software that’s now available to all, refunds hurt the projects goal, and those would need to be paid for through purism other activities. They offer either a store credit with a 20% “courtesy” increase, or your phone.

I opted to receive the Librem 5 instead. That was of course what i had been interested in all along.

Now when the things were finally in stock, purism was rather quick with the replies, and as mentioned, indicating your interest in the phone itself rather than a refund, quickly settled things. I got a question about possible accessories to ship with the phone, which i declined, and only four days later, here we are. The device arrived at my doorstep yesterday!

Lots of things to do and learn now, so i guess I’ll be spending a lot of time on it these upcoming weeks :slight_smile:


Enjoy your new Librem 5, and remember to update it first.


Thanks, that was the first thing i did ^^ Looking forward to seeing what it can do.


I got a delivery mail on the 7th of November 2022, and the next day asked for a refund. I got this reply, where they confirm the refund.

From on 2022-11-09 00:46


I have created a ticket for your order to be canceled and refunded.

Please keep in mind that the refund processes are slower at this moment.

Kind regards,

After a couple of mail exchanges (basically I sent one mail each month asking what is happening), I am ghosted.

It is getting frustrating…


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hmm sorry to hear that @StaffanMelin, sounds like that’s the exact same thing that happened to me. The customer experience so far has been less than desirable, eventually my patience ran out, so I opted to withdraw my refund request, and asked to have the phone shipped instead.
If you don’t want to receive it, looks like there’s no other option than to wait for the refund, or take the store credit instead.

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You can receive it and then try to sell it. Given the gap between the early backer price and the current price, it may even be possible to make a profit. :wink:


Wouldn’t it be faster and safer to just sell the customer account with the order?


That’s an option too.

Is Purism still supporting that, given that parity has been reached? (There’s no harm in asking Purism if that’s what the poster is considering doing.)

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Thank you to all that have replied!

I am so disappointed by Purism’s refusal to answer my attempts at communication. I need my money, as my economic situation has deteriorated since ordering the L5. I thought that this was what a refund was about. Things can change. And I do understand that things can change for Purism too. But at least tell me so.



I’m new to the forums but like flman86 I have been trying to receive a refund for my 2019 preorder (order # 4184840173) request since April 2023. I’ve been in contact with João Azevedo from the beginning and he has consistently told me that refunds are not being issued at this time. @JCS is there a way you can help me like you have helped @flman86? I have all the email correspondence since starting the refund process if that helps.



Preorder of what hardware?

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@irvinewade : I ordered the Librem 5 phone on 2019 January 30


This is not truly a case of “I never received a refund for my 2019 pre-order” since you did receive the device but, yes; you do have an outstanding refund. I see from the support ticket that you:

  • ordered the L5 in 2019-01
  • received the L5 2023-03-27
  • returned the L5 approx 2023-04-23 citing performance concerns vs device cost
  • are entitled to a full refund minus a 10% restocking fee as per Purism’s RMA policy (device received in good condition with no noticeable defects)

As I informed flman86 above, I can work with support and finance to ensure you receive a refund, but do not have the resources at my disposal at this time to guarantee a disbursement date. I understand that this answer is not very reassuring, but do know that we see you, truly understand your frustration, and are working to settle refund resolutions as quickly as we can.