[SOLD] [ASIA] Librem 5 for sale

Batch Evergreen, model “L5v1-05”.
I could not remember the modem type but lsusb shows ID 2020:2060 Qualcomm CMDA and mmcli suggests that it supports CDMA so most likely there is American version of the modem.

The phone is in almost new condition, I’ve received it around Nov 2021 but used for a few days only.
Comes with all original accessories plus OpenPGP smart card.

Phone located in Thailand, I will ship internationally by DHL Express only, so add around $100 extra for the shipping and mind the import taxes. Nearby countries (except Vietnam) are preferred as the shipping will be cheaper and much faster.

Price 600 USD excluding shipping.

I prefer payment upfront via cryptocurrencies, but we could make a deal through Ebay for your peace of mind.

Please note that I could not ship to Vietnam because of its stupid import laws.

[admin edit by request] Update: modem is BM818-T1 (Australian variant)

$550 excluding shipping

Still available.

Still available.

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still for sale

500 USD excluding shipping

Listed on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/134640381406

a higher price because Ebay charges sellers about 15% fees, I will sell it for $500 here.

See the table at the bottom of this page: https://puri.sm/faq/supported-networks/

To find out for sure, follow the guide suggested here: How One Find Modem Specs?

I think people will hesitate to buy your L5 if it’s unknown exactly which modem is inside it. (Even if they know they can replace it cheaply with a new one from Purism.)


Thanks for the tip! It is not North American model but Australian BM818-T1 (my mistake, I thought American phones use CDMA)

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Australia, New Zealand, and Asia region(s). Purism calls the others: “Americas” and “Europe” modem variants.

P.S. CDMA is quickly disappearing in the U.S.

CDMA was shut down 15 years ago in Australia. One of my earliest mobile phones was CDMA, now 100% useless (not sure whether that phone is even still around or has been sent to ewaste), but that’s the price of progress - and the kind of obsolescence that the Librem 5 aims to avoid, maybe.

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$450 excluding shipping / $520 on Ebay

I’ve found out that Ebay charges almost 20% fees not 15% as I’ve thought, so raising Ebay price to $550 as I’ll get only around $440 for that sale.

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Still available.

Still available.

Item sold ⁠⠀