Git mirror for @user0’s Firefox customizations

Continuing the discussion from Mobile-Friendly Firefox Customizations for Librem 5:

Taking up your suggestion @user0, I consolidated all your work into a Git repository and published it at Codeberg:

What is this?

What I did is pick up all files from the thread, identify the upstream revisions that user0’s changes are most likely based on, and merged it all together into a reconstructed timeline.


  1. So you can download all files in one single tarball instead of plucking them from the thread one by one.

  2. To make user0’s work future proof: Anyone can fork the repository, make their own changes, track future incoming upstream changes more easily, and even contribute some of user0’s modifications back to the upstream projects, or possibly to PureOS.


Here’s a simplified timeline:

  1. It all started at version 4.0.1 of postmarketOS/mobile-config-firefox.

  2. Several files were then added from revision 21750e2 of MrOtherGuy/firefox-csshacks: b98bae8

  3. Several commits follow, which track user0’s contributions from May through August 2023. These are largely obsolete, but I recorded them anyway for completeness: ad06da4, b436b28, 53808dc

  4. Upstream version 4.2.0 of postmarketOS/mobile-config-firefox was then picked up: f036c50

  5. A commit that tracks user0’s September contributions – again, just for completeness: 4f58859

  6. And most importantly, a commit that represents the current set of files, the October 2023 Halloween Update: bb7659d

See the same timeline of commits on Codeberg’s web interface.

How to use the files

See the original thread.

I still haven’t gotten around to actually installing and using the files myself.
But I think I’ll be tackling them soon.

Maybe some of you folks are going to find this repository useful.
Pinging @ThisGuy and @tfardet, who have asked for one in the past.

You can find the current set of files in the src/userChrome and src/userContent directories.

Thanks again for your work @user0!


Thank you!!


Thank you for making this!

Embarrassingly, I had made a typo in the true_mobile_mode.css file on Line 31.


        --PanelUI-menu-button-position: 4px;

should be this:

        --PanelUI-menu-button-position: 5px;

This literally just raises the Main App Menu (≡) button by one pixel when using “Touch” density mode.

There is also line of code in two dynamic_popups files that must be changed:

  • Line 52 of dynamic_popups_pro.css
  • Line 66 of dynamic_popups_pro_max.css


        --panel-background: none !important;

should be this:

        /* Default color: */
        /*--panel-background: var(--arrowpanel-background) !important;*/
        /* Fenix color: */
        --panel-background: var(--toolbar-bgcolor) !important;

This is needed because setting the --panel-background to none negatively affected the extension/addon download and install popups.

Thanks again for making this mirror!


I was able to finally fix the Tab Manager Menu in landscape mode so that it fully expands to fit the popup. I have noted this in the Final Updates (post 61).

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