GNU Jami (Signal/WhatsApp/Telegram replacement)

it’s in my private patches. It’s pretty empty right now.

No it’s not merged, my full time is taken by working on group chat or connectivity issues, the gnome client is stalled since 2 or 3 months and I don’t have the time to work on client features. The Qt client got some active devs and QML is responsive by default, so maybe it will be available even before libhandy (unless someone try to do the job before)

I’m not too sure on the technologies but didn’t Purism decide to use Matrix (Librem Chat).
How is that compared to Jami and Signal, etc?

Also, I’m currently in South America and everyone in the countries here sends voice messages (used like an audio text message) with WhatsApp. So whatever system is used, it needs great support for audio recordings to get traction here.

It’s cool learning new cultures and how they use technology.

I have to admit that I do like Librem Chat (Matrix). The issue I have that it is only on the Librem 5/Pure OS.
I would like to have an application that can do that across all platforms/cross platforms and devices.

Where Jami succeeds in this (as well as Signal, Wire, Telegram, and others) is that Jami already has apps for all platforms and devices. As of this post Librem does not offer Librem Chat as a flatpak, .deb, or any other package to install on other distros. They do have apps for iOS and Android. Why not apps for Ubuntu, Arch, Linux Mint, Manjaro, Windows, macOS, etc? That is something Jami is a lot closer too and not to mention would be easier to support that Librem trying to do it all by themselves. These are just my thoughts. If anyone else have other points of view, please share.


If you mean the service, you should be able to use any Matrix client. If you mean the PureOS app, then it is Fractal which is available as a flatpak app for use with other Linux distros. If you look around in the News and Events section of the Purism website, you should be able to find some references to the development and adaptation of Fractal for the Librem5.

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There will likely be a Telegram Client (I use Telegram everyday and audio messages work brilliant on them. One of the main ways I message people). Telegram already has Linux support so I imagine (I am no dev) that it will just need porting for the screen size and touch etc. Failing this, the web client works well.

However I could be wrong there.

WhatApp in it’s self you will likely to be able to use WhatApp Web, my dad used it yesterday on an iPad and has no issues through the browser (They have apps for Windows idk about Linux). However, WhatApp Web (Unlike any Telegram Client I’ve used) requires your phone to be within connection range of it, which is some what of a let down.

WhatApp is also owned by Facebook but that’s getting off topic. xD

Firefox is moving their IRC to Matrix and some of their devs are moving from Slack.

Do you think Matrix is a competitor to Jami, or they work for different use cases?

Here I think the comparison of Matrix to Slack is a good one. We are want to compare like to like.

Jami is not like Slack or Matrix. Jami is in the same boat as Telegram, Skype, Signal, Wire, Tox, and so on.
So not just message and group chats but also voice and video calls as well as group calls, screen sharing, and video conferencing.

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Having moving stickers like in Telegram would be amazing! And Themes too. I wish I know programing. If we can add that feature I could do some character animations. Even having stories would be great for marketing the app. Imagine showing a 3D object like FBX or OBJ, or sending a draw, I can just Imagine haha. I’m a 3D artist by the way.

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I have found something interesting at Matrix weekly:

There’s a Telegram import script that’s used to reupload stickers to Matrix and generate the static sticker pack files that the picker widget uses. It’s technically also possible to make the sticker pack files yourself, but there’s no easy way to do that yet.

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Hm… could Jami be for Librem Dial? :grin:

Gotta check that!

Thanks! I just discovered that with Mobian (arm64) sudo apt install jami works out-of-the-box, but that’s it from my side.

Here is link to Jami for iOS.

:clap:, I agree.

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Thank @Quarnero I forgot about Jami -
How stable is it??

Installation was smooth, but I’m not sure if PureOS repo offers GNU Jami yet. And I’m not using it at the moment, so cannot give you any further advice, sorry for that.

HEVC/H.265 support in Jami (for your eyes only :upside_down_face:) looks promising too.

no it doesn’t really do anything - does not seem to work

I used jami in the past and used the default servers. It felt incredibly slow and most my messages didn’t go through. Calls would work a little but usually fail. I tried again recently with someone I know and our messages went through fine but calls could be accepted but dropped before showing anything. Restarted the program and made sure permissions were given but nothing.

I think people should be careful when comparing programs like signal to telegram. Telegram, in my view, is at the same level if not worse than WA. Telegram is proprietary, not self federated and all messages are not E2EE other than secret chat but that uses telegram’s own invented, proprietary encryption. WA at least bases their encryption for messages off signal protocol.

Jami is available in Byzantium, just installed it.
However, it does not start. This is the error message:

** (jami-gnome:3942): ERROR **: 07:28:08.425: Could not init clutter : 0

Since it cannot initialize clutter I assume it’s some OpenGL issue?

The flatpak version runs however. But the UI is not adapted to small screens and while it detects the camera it’s just all black in the settings. I don’t know anyone who uses GNU Jami, so I have not added any contacts and tested chatting/calling.