Help needed! Trackpad having problems


I’m on a Librem v2 with Ubuntu 18.04 and I’ve been using it as my main work computer for the past 4 months. So far things have worked quite well, but since an hour or so my mouse is behaving really weird. When I hold my finger still on a single spot on the trackpad, it kind of jitters around:

mouse unstable

This is realy annoying and makes the trackpad virtually unusable. I ran a sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y and rebooted it twice, just to be sure, but the problem remains. Since this is my main work laptop I need this to be fixed asap.

Does anybody know whether this is a hardware- or a software problem? And if it’s the latter; does anybody know how I can solve this? All tips are welcome!

Does anybody know whether this is a

ps. I know I can use a mouse, but I simply prefer the trackpad and since I’m a lot in on and off meetings, carrying a mouse with me is really annoying. And then I’m not even speaking about the remarks I’ll get: “I told you soo, Linux is crap”… :persevere:


Hi kramer65; to chime in as well, I have a similar issue (trackpad sometimes behaves in the erratic manner you describe, other times is more unresponsive), detailed in a thread I posted a while back:

All I’ve been able to find online (non-Librem specific) is that there might be a grounding issue that interacts with some trackpads in certain environments. I don’t know of any way to resolve it, however. (For example, see:

Hopefully we’re able to hear from others that may have a solution; my use for the Librem is similar to yours, moving around a lot, not ideal for lugging around a mouse between meetings, etc…



I have the exact same issue now. Have my Librem 13 v2 for almost a year now and the trackpad started to act jittery very recently (a few days ago).

I found this thread where the same problem was reported, but cleaning the trackpad solved the issue for that user.

For me, cleaning the trackpad did not solve the issue and it is very difficult to find my trackpad usable right now. I need help on this one, as I don’t want an unusable laptop (I always work with the trackpad).


It seems like a temporary issue. Right now it works normal again…


Sometimes it jitters, sometimes not… I need help


Me too. It seems like it’s not good at tracking small distances, which I notice when I’m trying to click on an icon or close a window.


I fiddled around a bit and noticed that the jittering only starts when my Librem is charging (plugged in) and everything is fine when I use it on battery.

Seems like a strange hardware issue. Can anyone try this (plugged and unplugged)? Is it like this for you too?


I had a similar issue from the first few days of using my Librem 13 v3.

It happened to me with and without charging, when I used my laptop on a metal/glass table.

I asked Purism support about it and they said it may be due to electrostatic interference considering the case is made from aluminum.

I haven’t noticed it since then, possibly because the position where I placed my laptop may have had something to do with it.


I got my Librem 13 about a month ago and its been jittering almost all the time and so badly as to make the trackpad basically useless.

I’ve tried permutations of plugged and unplugged, reboots, etc. Once or twice I’ve seen it stop after unplugging the adapter, but most of the time is pretty bad. I have always had it sitting on a wooden table.

There really needs to be some sort of RCA and fix provided. I can’t even let anyone see it as I’ve already been shamed … “You spent $2k for that ?”


“You spent $2k for that ?”

Exactly the discussion I sometimes have.

For me the issue went away after a couple hours, but I fear for the day it returns. As for me Purism should direct about 80% of their energy towards creating a better trackpad, probably in both hardware and software. It “works”, but it takes a lot of getting used to, and when coming from an Apple trackpad it’s just miles behind.

When I will buy a new laptop (probably in a year or three) I will not buy a Librem again if they don’t significantly improve the trackpad.