How can you install Signal on the Librem 5

How can you install the app Signal (Snowden’s recommendation for private texting, call, and video calling) on the Librem 5?

Thank you

You can’t install the standalone app because there are only 2 versions, one for Android and one for iOS.
There is an independant app in development but I don’t know if it will be usable on the L5.

You can read this topic for more details:

Personnally, I’m testing Matrix protocole, as Signal appears to be to closed in its development to be a good alternative in the long term.


there are only 2 versions, one for Android and one for iOS

This isn’t true, there is a Debian desktop Electron(?) version, the question at this point should probably be will that run on the Librem 5 and allow hooking into the version I have on my Pixel which will be going in the back of my deprecated drawer forever once Evergreen ships

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It’s not a standalone app. It’s useless.


Not yet. There are rumours it will be usable as standalone in the future.

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Even still, it would need two things:

  • Electron support for wayland
  • To be adaptive
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Doesn’t the librem 5 support Xwayland?

It is being worked on

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