How do you VoiP with Librem 5?

Is there a L5 Video/Audio calling(similar to Skype, whatsapp, signal)?
Something that can do both audio and video - and will have a client on iOS.

Telegram works fine on a Pinephone. It should work on Librem 5, too.


Step one, acquire a Librem 5.

ok thank you

what’s the point of this remark??


Humor, because so many have not received their L5 after a couple of years. (You have to have an L5 before attempting VoiP on it.)


And with at least 180 days lead time, I would say, Good Luck with that :smiley:

Yes I forget to put smiley faces on my snark. But let’s let another poster answer the first question properly. I’m dragging my humor out too long.

@sherab_kelsang, see: Telegram on the Librem 5

Does Threema work?

Thank you.
What alternatives do people with more tech prowess (not like my mother…) would use as alternatives to Skpye Signal etc

Think Matrix e.g. Element. This works well, incl. video calls, on my Linux system and on my temporarily Android phone (waiting for L5 :woozy_face:)


Sorry guys and gals. I’ve slipped from humor to outright anger and resentment. After two years of waiting, the last thing I want to see here is another six-month delay and Purism holding a self-congratulatory celebration over others having paid extra to cut in line. The pandemic may have been the perfect storm (excuse for Purism). But an ethical company would have shipped components from the US to China if necessary, to ship these phones in the sequence they were ordered in.

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I get it.

It’s against the forum rules to cross-post. You’ve made the same basic point 3 times now.

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At the moment I use Telegram Desktop for end to end encrypted calls. Telegram for desktop doesn’t give the option for end to end encrypted chat conversations but just the calls.

It works very well, always receiving the calls even with phone locked, and same for outward calls. Rendering in screen not perfect but fully usable without further complication.

Likely more alternatives coming soon, does anyone use another tool?
For video call I suspect will take some time more, until camera support integration develops further.


How do I install this Matrix Element?

This is what I found now

looks complicated.
probably a lot to read and set up before it can be used?

Which linux client works for calls and video?

I think you’re supposed to take the Red Pill. No wait, it’s the Blue Pill that keeps you in the Matrix …