How to manage Caller ID setting

Hi everybody,

I’ve a question: How can I dis/enable caller ID on the L5.
My old nokia N9300 has this setting available in Phone Settings.
I miss this setting on the L5.
I tried to use USSD codes, but they don’t seem to work on the L5.

Any help is appreciated.

Nobody ? :thinking:

You mean outgoing? Like you want to show up as “private number” or something?

Does “carrier id” mean “caller id”?

Yep. that’s the setting I’m looking for.

My mistake, I have used the wrong term. Caller ID is what I actual mean.
Sorry for the confusion.

(I’ve edited my first message)

I’m still looking for an answer, so I bump this message once more.

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There’s a way to set up USSD codes somewhere in the forum I believe, but you’ll have to look for it or email support. I don’t know the method.

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I’ve contacted support, but up to today they did not offer a solution or a work around.

I tried to dial from the app Calls the USSD string *#06# which should report the own IMEI, but nothing is returned.

So I’m not the only one having this issue :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I suggest you review the Wikipedia page on this:

Summary: USSD is a mess.

Slightly longer summary:

There are codes that are not technically USSD codes that are standardized but which may or may not work (on the Librem 5).

There are codes that are USSD codes and these are not standardized (i.e. vary between network operators) and which may or may not work (on the Librem 5).

The above page specifically notes that for the “not technically USSD codes”, they are interpreted first by the handset. So I would suggest that the problem here is that Calls doesn’t have (all) the necessary functionality.

I expect you were just using “IMEI” as an example but if you actually want to find your IMEI on the Librem 5:

Yes, this was just used as an example. I will check the pointers, though. Thanks.

You can use modem manager to send USSD codes, but that fails too.
Sending is reported as success but the returned response is “UNKNOWN APPLICATION”

I’m not sure if Modem Manager uses Calls for sending these codes.

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Please open this post: USSD codes on the Librem 5, especially if *135# (inserted SIM card number) not working with your provider/phone.

Based on the other topic linked above, I should say Calls or the modem.

“they are interpreted first by the handset” doesn’t specify exactly where on the handset i.e. the division of labour i.e. application software and other software on the phone itself v. firmware in the modem.

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I tried *135#(simcard number), but it did not work.

OK, so it boils down to how to modem handles the USSD codes.

That isn’t accurate because some codes that are called USSD codes are not USSD codes and because being handled on the handset could mean in the modem but could mean on the host CPU.

Try one of the non-USSD codes listed in the table at: (i.e. one of the variations using 31).

I’ve checked the USSD page of my provider (Fonic in Germany). They support the following codes related to switch-off call transfer:

deactivate on no answer: ##61#
deactivate on not reachable: ##62#
deactivate on busy: ##67#

I tried them all with the Call app. After entering the above code and pressing the dial button, a new window appears labeled USSD and a rotating circle, but no other message or visible reaction. But it seems that the switch-off in the network worked.

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