I donated early at the start of the kickstarter--it's been three years since backing and still no phone

If Evergreen is being shipped, why am I being contacted to ask for more money for projects, apps, whatever and not being contacted about where to ship my phone? Why are others who are buying the phone after the crowdfunding getting phones now and not those who contributed before the kickstarter mark was even met? My colleague, who I encouraged to buy the phone, also has not received a phone, so I know this isn’t just me being unlucky.

Since January 2019 it’s been a different excuse–it’s 2021 and I just want my money back if my phone doesn’t arrive next month. Does any one know how to reach out to this company by phone to speak to a human who can assist in either delivery or refunding?

I’m really angry and frustrated now as I’ve put off fixing my old phone because every other quarter this month up until November, I expected to get an email asking me to confirm my shipping details. I’m not going to wait another year. I’d rather just get my money back and move on. And unless Purism refunds my card, I have to take legal action because it’s been years since I made the payment all on false pretenses that I would have a phone in 2019.

If there are other original backers who have not gotten their phones yet, please let me know in the case that Purism is not refunding.


Been 3 yrs waiting for me too. I’m sure as hell not going to cancel/refund/whatever now. What’s 2 or 3 more mo. ? I’m getting a $40 traccphone to use while my L5 gets closer to daily driving. I know what I got into when I signed on. Plus I only paid $599. now they’re $799. That makes me feel good too. You been on board this long don’t get discouraged and jump ship now and regret it later.


3 years in the queue as well, supported purism with librem.one, fund-your-app and whatnot. Because I damn need this phone!!111 and I damn want them to succeed with it. Hope this [upcoming, in the next 15 min] year I’ll see it finally. So - happy New Year!


As nobody so far pointed it out in this thread: maybe around 500 phones have been shipped since Nov 2020, which is about 20% of the original campaign backers.
You might not get it in January, but Q1 seems plausible depending on your spot in the queue.
After smoothing the process, Purism plans to publish shipping estimates on January.


What is your order date? I would guess that your email is imminent.

See also: Status of the Librem 5

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End of September 2017 (Sept 24, 2017). @ruff, that was my hope in 2019 and in 2020. Now I just want to move on because I broke my current phone screen right before November and either need to suck it up and buy a new phone or get the Librem 5 this upcoming month. I understand that the latter is most likely unrealistic so I’m requesting a refund, but again waiting for several years and being told every quarter to just hold out another quarter is too much–especially when they are still taking pre-orders. I would happily pay $799 for a phone that I got when I paid for it, $600 for nothing is not a good deal. Especially when I need a phone now (years after the delivery commitment was missed). I still want them to succeed, but not with their current business practice.


Your best chance to get some answers from Purism is by email: https://forums.puri.sm/t/how-to-properly-send-emails-to-purism/2274

But they probably say, they will know more in January. I guess they will manage to get the FCC certification (a showstopper) in January and you’ll receive the phone in February.

It doesn’t make too much sense now to get a refund, because of the refund policy that now says that the refund will be processed only when it’s your turn in the queue to receive the phone. So probably in February too. So then, will you choose the $600 or just take the phone you have waited so long?

Yes, some “Chief Officers” are … well, am not allowed to say it - by forum rules, BUT in spite of that, most employees seems to be very dedicated to the project and have worked very hard and really have created the promised product. If only they’ll succeed with the FCC thing. That’s the very BIG thing now.


I wouldn’t say that. Your order date is in the right month for the modem selection email to be imminent.

You do realize that some people who ordered in September 2017 have already received their phone?

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It’s not big if you aren’t in the US and I don’t believe the OP has stated what country he or she is in.

There are risks inherent in the crowd funding business practice. The dates published are not commitments. They are made based on the information available at the time, which is not reliable, especially when designing something that has not yet been proved and 3rd parties with their own liabilities are involved. All crowd funding of products funded before mass production is validated work this way. Purism is not an exception. This should be expected for any crowd funding of pre-production products.

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He’s in US, see the count down thread.

My opinion is that Purism shipped already all the legal slots for developer phones and only after certifications they can ship more.

Well, which country doesn’t regulate electronic devices, especially RF radiators? If you get FCC (most tests/measurements done here), then CE comes almost effortless, and so other certifications for other countries/ regions. They are all similar, as should be.

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OK, fair cop.

I placed my backer order on 28 August 2017, and I received the email notification that it was ready to be shipped on 19 November.

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I wouldn’t say that that is unrealistic either. I ordered my phone 25 August 2017, and I received my phone right before christmas.

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Perhaps they could have been more clear with the developmental nature of this product but this isn’t something Purism “wanted” to do. It wasn’t how they wished this all would have gone down. This is simply the reality of creating something that does not exist.

You can pretend the expectations you have from buying from Apple or Samsung, for example, apply here. They don’t. This is not the same company.

The development of the phone or its availability to be shipped to you are not at all dependent on your needs or the fact that you broke your phone. I’m sorry that happened but this is reality. Coming here to whine about it instead of contacting Purism directly is also a waste of everyone else’s time.

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@ochiba, Given when you ordered, it is likely that you will get your phone in January 2021.

However, it is also likely that the Librem 5 still won’t be ready to replace your current phone. The current battery life is between 6 and 14 hours (depending on what you have enabled) and the cameras have not yet been enabled.

Maybe you can live with the current limitations of the Librem 5, but if you can’t, my advice is that you buy a cheap used phone to use while you wait for the software on the Librem 5 to improve.

I bought a used Redmi Note 7 to use while I wait for my Librem 5. The way I see it, I’m getting a phone with lifetime software updates and replaceable parts, so the phone will be good as long as there are LTE networks, but it won’t be ready to be my daily driver for at least the next 6 months, and it will probably be another 2 years before it can do everything that I currently do on my Redmi Note 7 running LineageOS.

Yes, it sucks to spend $100 for a used Android phone on top of the $599 that you spent on the Librem 5, but it is still cheaper than cancelling your order now, and then paying $799 for the Librem 5 in a couple years time when it has the software to replace your current phone.


In any case, this forum is not a valid mechanism to cancel an order. So contacting Purism is required one way or the other.

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I agree with you 100% here! The longer a bun is in the oven the better it will turn out (usually). Assuming that technology can never get burnt from being baked for too long, waiting a little longer just means getting a better slice in the end! I can also understand some uncertainty and hesitation as well… Not knowing anything about when you will get your order can be daunting. I know comparing life events and online orders might be taking things out of the bakery entirely, but having been through… shall we say a a few close calls in life, not knowing when I might get my phone seems much less scary now that the dough of my life is all spread out. Maybe you knowing this will help you too. :slightly_smiling_face: @ochiba @j8m2p6f


Hi 2disbetter, Your comment “Coming here to whine about it instead of contacting Purism directly is also a waste of everyone else’s time.” is bit sharp. I for example have contacted Purism by email few times also wondering when I might get my phone and laptop which I had ordered long time ago. The replies each time were not helpful… I simply was directed to read blog postings… Postings do not give any information regarding one’s order shipmen status and I still am left in the dark.

It is not unreasonable for a business which takes pre-orders and payments to keep customers informed in a clear and timely fashion re production and shipments.