Importing contacts from VCF

I could export all my contacts in my Ubuntu mobile BQ E4.5 with:

syncevolution --export /home/phablet/utcontacts.vcf backend=evolution-contacts

How far we are now with importing them, as the pkg librem5-goodies doesn’t exist anymore in byzantium? Is there some “magic” way doing it from the shell terminal?

That might still work

Thanks for that pointer, but in the script which the post hacks together the real work is done by a tool syncevolution and this is missing in our beloved L5.

Well, I wasn’t aware of the other topic you created that basically answers your question as “pending”.

So neither the syncevolutions nor the goodies are gone for good. They’re just still missing three weeks later.

Long story short: Syncevolution was removed from Debian Bullseye. And the contacts importer script depended on it.

So we have two ways of fixing that, make a local package of syncevolution or re-upload it to debian.

Work to re-upload to debian being done here by a purism developer; Jonas:

Thus benefiting all debian based mobile distros.

The Librem Goodies package is waiting on syncevolution to be published in byzantium. You can still get it in amber.

If if you want a quick hack, you can download a syncevolution deb from here:

Install it.

And then install Librem 5 goodies application debs from here:

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Thanks. What do I have to do with / to install from the zip file?

unzip the file in your librem 5 phone. You might need the package unzip for that.

cd into the subdirectory: output and just do: sudo apt install ./*.deb to automagically install all the syncevolution debs

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There’s no Bookworm-based PureOS yet :wink:

that’s what you get for debian making two straight releases with the name starting with the letter B

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Three - current oldstable is called Buster :smiley:

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Thanks. With this help I was able to load the ~300 contacts from my Ubuntu mobile, split into 300 files, into my L5 in a few minutes. Even the images which I have for some contacts are perfectly there. Thanks!


The problem with the contacts app is that you can not see the full phone number of any given contact; it looks like:

       Work  +49 89 6... [msg] [phone]

i.e. a lot of digits is overwritten by the two symbols for message or call. On the other hand is a lot of white space before the word Work. It’s just a bug in the GUI.

this issue is known:

And rumors I heard is that it is not easy to solve