Installing a new OS: Anything special for Librem machines or is it just a vanilla install?

I’m rather new to powerful linux distros. I’m not necessarily into PureOS from what I’ve seen so far. I absolutely hate the top left hot corner. It’s ridiculous to make that the default way of showing the dock and I can’t seem to figure out how to change it.

I’d like to install elementary OS. Before I do, I’d like to ask - do I have to do anything special with this machine (Librem 14)? Or can I just install off of a boot USB as usual?

Hate that too.
The magic command to be executed in a terminal is:
gsettings set enable-hot-corners false

Actually, I had to search for it again (search for “gnome disable hot corner”) since it was so long time ago I’ve done that. Maybe there is a GUI way to do it as well, I don’t know. There wasn’t back then.

I think there should be nothing special, you should be able to install any OS you want on it. See this other thread where someone installed elementary OS on the Librem 14 and was happy with it:

I didn’t have to do anything special on my Librem Mini.


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Created another thread about my issues